[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin liked the ring. I’m really relieved because I thought maybe he didn’t want one anymore, I mean he didn’t ever want to talk about it or anything, and he wasn’t even interested in the parties. Most of the time he was watching from upstairs but he did come down to get something to eat. I wanted to just give him the cake then but I thought it would look weird if no one else was eating cake yet, so I had to wait. I was so nervous! I don’t know if he noticed or not, if he asked I was just going to say I was nervous about the party going okay. We danced, too. Keyalenn helped him with enchanting the instruments and it was really nice. I thought I’d mess up dancing too but I think I did okay, at least Hethurin didn’t say anything about it.

I made the cake to be shaped like a big dragonhawk, one of the purple and pink kind because I thought that would look nice with the flowers. It was sitting on a nest of eggs which were also made of cake and then covered with frosting. Those took a long time to get right! I tried to make them all look different. I made Hethurin’s egg special because it had the ring inside, it was inside of a box and then inside of a slightly larger box and that was put in while it was baking. Tik helped me experiment with that to make sure it would work right. Then I had to make sure no one accidentally took Hethurin’s egg by mistake. Usually no one touches the cake until it’s cut but you never know! The little kids don’t know any better, either. Most of them were in the play area, but Rylad was running around with the captain for a while and then with Isturon. He’s definitely big enough to grab cake if he wants to!

It took Hethurin a while to find the box, he started at one end and it was right in the middle. Then he said something was in his cake and he tried to give it to me! So I asked him what it was and I think maybe then he figured it out. It’s a really nice ring, I’m so glad he likes it. It has a dragon and I know he likes dragons. He’s already planning everything, I’m glad because I was worried he might not want to anymore. He got all of these magazines from the city that have pictures of different kinds of robes. I think they’re actually supposed to be for girls, because all of the drawings are of girls wearing the robes, but it would be easy to tailor them for a guy too. He’s talking about what kind of flowers we’ll have and white hawkstriders and stuff. I hope I can find some armor that’s fancy enough. I will have to talk to him about maybe having Mother and my sisters move out here now. I mean, my sisters could go to classes here, and maybe my Mother could work at the school. Or she could just not have to work, I mean, the house would be paid for and she could eat here too. I am pretty sure he’d be okay with it. My Mother is pretty nice and not crazy like his own mother. I really hope he doesn’t invite her, I don’t think he is going to.

I talked to Keyalenn a little bit while Hethurin was showing the ring to everyone. I only told two people, Tik and Mae. Tik was there the whole time I was working on the cake so he sort of had to know, and I told Mae because I had to tell someone. They were both really excited that he said yes. Anyway, Keyalenn’s ranger was there alone, she told him that the other guy left or something. I thought he should ask her to dance, but he didn’t, I’m not sure why. It seems like a perfect time to ask her! At least I think everyone had a good time.


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