[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Sunashe came back from Outland, that’s where he had gone to. Nobody knew, because he didn’t leave a note or tell anyone, even Ty or Arancon. Of all the people I thought he would have at least told them. I didn’t see him at all the day before, mainly because I was on patrol but I also thought he might want some time to let things calm down a little. I guess that was the wrong thing to do, because he took it to mean that I didn’t want to be together anymore and instead of talking to me about it, he disappeared. After all those times he promised that he wouldn’t. The captain went to look for him, since he mentioned transferring to either there or Eversong, and he said he’d lived there for a time so he knew it pretty well. I had too, at least for a few months, but it was mostly the forest around Shattrath. Maybe I should have gone too, but he said it would better if he did. I guess whatever he said worked, because Sunashe just walked in for dinner last night. He missed the whole ball. I wasn’t even going to go at all, but Nessna said I should at least go and eat, and not let him ruin the whole thing for me. I did eat some, but mostly I had wine, and it was still ruined anyway. I told myself I wouldn’t cry but I did. It was embarrassing. Hopefully Gael and Keyalenn were too busy to notice, but I guess it would serve me right if they saw. I didn’t even think it was that bad of an argument, but I’d convinced myself that I’d said or done something so awful that he didn’t even want to say goodbye. I’d also convinced myself that I’d not take him back if I saw him again. But seeing him again I was so relieved, that maybe I really hadn’t ruined it forever.

He was mad though. I guess he took my wanting to talk about things as a sign that I was unhappy with him. Which I wasn’t, not really, I just wanted him to be more romantic. Then he said he wasn’t because he thought I didn’t want that. Hopefully he knows now. I am upset that he left his lizard behind though. He said that he gave it to a draenei in Shattrath — even after I told him not to! I thought we could both train him together, but he’s convinced that the lizard was the reason for my being upset. It wasn’t, and now I feel terrible that he’s got rid of it and I’m worried he’s going to resent me for it. I asked about maybe going back to get him, but he said he doesn’t want to talk about it. I wonder if I could get him a new one. It wouldn’t be Blinky of course, but maybe it would be okay. I wish he understood that I wanted him to keep him. I said maybe later he could, but he said no to that too. I don’t really get why he’d say that.

The others weren’t very happy about Sunashe disappearing either, Arancon especially, but they all seemed to forgive him as soon as he came back too. I guess the reason doesn’t really matter now. I’m just afraid that it might happen again if we have an argument or something. He said he won’t but he said that before too. The best I can do is be happy while he is here, I suppose. We talked about the cabin and maybe going to stay at the school again. I missed having his arms around me so much.

He also said that he had a ring. I don’t know what to say to that. I didn’t know he was making those kinds of plans, of course he might feel differently now. I want to make sure things are okay first. I didn’t bring it up after he mentioned it, but I did tell him about Hethurin and Ter. He said we can dance at their wedding, I guess it’ll probably be sometime in the summer. I don’t know if they will throw flowers or not, but I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful party anyway. I hope we’ll be able to dance this time. I guess maybe we can once the cabin is built.

I’m not very good at letters but I put a little note in his pack so he’ll find it when he eats his lunch. It said I was very glad he came back and that I love him. Also maybe something about his ears.


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