[Story] Fairsong Academy – My Friend Vaildor

My Friend Vaildor
by Kiandris

This essay is about my friend Vaildor, he goes to school here at Fairsong Academy. He also goes to the art school in Silvermoon sometimes, because he’s really good at drawing. Even if he just drew it with a pencil, it looks like a real thing. He said he’s going to teach me how to draw like that. I hope he can but I really don’t think I can do it, it looks way too hard. His Ann’da and Minn’da work in town and they heal sick people. I hope I don’t ever have to meet them because I’m sick, but I have seen them before and they seem all right. Lots of times we work on homework together, it’s easier when there’s someone else because you can ask if you got the right answer and stuff. He also knows some other boys at the school who are older, they have girlfriends. They let us eat dinner up there with them which is really nice. I don’t know what else to write about my friend Vaildor.

Writing class is pretty good, I like reading so that makes writing not so hard because it’s easier to think of the words. I know sometimes Vaildor has trouble with that so sometimes I help him. That’s allowed right? I’m not actually writing it for him. Numbers class is okay, history is interesting though. Vaildor said there’s a death knight around here, so he could talk to us about what really happened because he was there. He said maybe it could be like an educational trip. I hope we can do that, there are a lot of things I’d want to ask a death knight. I wish you could ask questions from any person in history, that would be a neat way to learn about it. That would definitely make things seem more real.

Vaildor said there’s going to be a ball here soon. I’ve never been to a ball but I think I would like to go because there’s always a lot of good food. Vaildor says that Tik makes tons of it. I should be invited because I’m a student, but he said I should see if my minn’da wants to come too. I think she will once I tell her about the food. Last time when she came to talk to the Magister, she didn’t eat any food because it wasn’t a meal time. Vaildor also said that Terellion always makes a fancy cake. I can’t wait to eat that too. They have cake here every night, all different kinds. I don’t think I will dance with any girls because for one there aren’t any girls my age and for two, I don’t know how to dance. I think I would be too nervous and mess up, even if I did know how. I will just watch other people and see if I can memorize what to do.

And that’s a whole page so that’s all I know about my friend Vaildor.

One Response to [Story] Fairsong Academy – My Friend Vaildor

  1. Haha, that’s a whole page so that’s all I know!

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