[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

There’s a great deal to be done this time of year, now that the ground has thawed and it’s warmer during the daytime. It’s still rainy a lot, which means it’s very muddy. Everyone has to do their share of mopping to make sure the floor doesn’t get too dirty, and to ensure that boots come off before people come inside. At least I’ve been pretty good about that one, it’s my house so I want it to stay nice. I need to check Rylad’s miniature house for dust and leaves, probably sweep it out, and make sure there are no spiders hiding in the corners. Speaking of spiders, this week we need to go find their nests and destroy the eggs before they hatch. There shouldn’t be as many as last year, but there will still be some. I’d be inclined to leave some just so we can have spider legs to eat, if they didn’t cause trouble getting into houses and such. It’s impossible to find all of them, anyway. Noblegarden is soon, I know there’s going to be a ball at the school but I think Rylad is old enough to go looking for eggs this year and he’d really love it. I need to ask if they’re hiding eggs or if we should do it here. I guess he could look for eggs twice, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Then again, some of the rangers might enjoy it too! The other big project is the cabins, of course. We need to get started on the foundations right away, they have to be raised to keep the floors dry, given how muddy the Ghostlands can get. Everyone’s eager to get started on that, even Gael said he’ll help out when he can. They should be finished pretty quickly even with regular patrols, since we’ll have so many people working on it.

Sunashe was asking me about it last night, he’s eager to have their own private place to go and I don’t blame him one bit. A tent is all right, but it’s wet and cold, and not exactly roomy. A nice warm bed is much more comfortable. I asked him about it, whether he was nervous or not. I mean, living together is a big step. This way is good too, because they both have an input on the house and decorations, rather than it belonging to one or the other. Kes’s house never really felt like mine for that reason, not to mention the room I wasn’t allowed into. Sunashe said he was thinking about asking Lin to marry him, but he wasn’t sure. I don’t know when I became the expert on women around here, he should probably ask Arancon or Ty but maybe he already has. I told him that it’s not a good idea to wait too long because she might find someone else or something. He said there wasn’t anyone else around, so he wasn’t worried. Really? I hope he never said that in front of her. He also said he wanted to help her take care of her moth. I don’t know if that was like a code or if he actually meant her moth. I don’t think it’s that hard to take care of, but I really have no idea. Sunashe is worried that Lin has already heard the things he wants to say from other guys. Obviously some of it’s going to be the same, I mean I am sure Vessen told Nessna that she was beautiful. Some of those are just things you always say to a girl that you’re with. So he said he’ll try showing her in other ways, but he wasn’t sure what they are yet. I said to get flowers, but I don’t know if that’s enough. He said I don’t know Lin well enough to say, which is true, I don’t. Maybe he could ask her brother or something.

I wish I could hire someone to help with all the reports I have to fill out. Who knew that being a ranger involved so many forms! Even if there’s nothing to report, I have to fill out a report that says nothing happened. I suppose they’re checking to make sure we are actually doing our jobs. I don’t mind, except when it keeps me from going home in the evening. I should start bringing them home, hopefully Rylad won’t write on them too much.


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