[Story] A Letter to Dalaran

Uldred read over the letter while he sipped his tea. His room in Dalaran had a little balcony with a table and chair, which overlooked the busy streets below. It was a perfect place to eat breakfast if the weather was nice enough — which it always was, due to the magical barrier surrounding the city. He still wasn’t quite used to all of the people. There was always someone around, whether standing in front of the book he wanted to see, or in a doorway or simply standing around making him nervous. Uldred had learned, however, that most of them didn’t see him at all, he looked like just another mage’s apprentice. At the library it was easy enough to borrow books, he said that his master had asked for them, and no one ever asked for his master’s name. Uldred was pleasantly surprised by the variety of books available, and already had a pile which he needed to copy notes out of. So he wasn’t upset at all when the letter asked him to remain here, in his comfortable little room, and conduct more research.

The mage’s friend wanted to know the location of his mother. Uldred couldn’t make any promises there; he knew well enough how easy it was to disappear if you wished to. He’d lived in the little house in Ashenvale for years without anyone knowing — anyone other than Kor, that is. He might have urged the mage’s friend against it, if he knew him better. What did he hope to unearth by digging around in the ruins of his bloodlines? Uldred had seen the results of that first-hand. His own estate stood in the rain and fog, empty now except for the rats, in Gilneas. Even if there was anything there left to claim, the unpleasant memories would have remained. Still, didn’t he want to know what had really happened to his mother? Uldred had always suspected there was more to it than what his father had told him, which wasn’t much at all. Uldred had been so young then, but he would have remembered that. So in a way he felt a kinship with his person he’d never met. Uldred wondered what he looked like. The letter mentioned a sister. Would she be grateful if he could find their mother? Maybe he could deliver the information in person. He frowned faintly, glancing over the letter again. He hadn’t the first clue where to begin looking. The most likely method would be a magical trace, but he hadn’t any items that had belonged to her. Her name had changed, at least twice, and even so, people didn’t work like demons. He couldn’t bring her here with her name alone. But maybe they could be of some help. Demons were everywhere, could slip easily between this world and the Nether. With a sufficient bribe, maybe one could find the information he needed for him.


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