[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I think Hethurin might have caught a cold. He said he was sitting outside last night, which would explain that. I’m not sure why he wants to go sit outside in the dark, and it was raining a bit too. He keeps sneezing and saying he’s cold. I made sure that the fire was going in the room, and I got the blankets back out of the trunk. Most of them had been put away because it’s starting to get warmer, at least in the daytime. I guess it’s still kind of chilly at night sometimes. I made him tea too, and a hot bath with the smelly salts in it. This morning he still didn’t feel very well, so I’ll have Tik make some soup and I’ll bring it up later. I thought he should rest but he says he’s not tired so I was reading to him out of a book. I don’t think I could read one of the funny ones without laughing too much, so it’s just a regular book. Also if he is sick I hope I don’t catch it! I don’t want either of us to be sick for the ball, that wouldn’t be good at all. What if he doesn’t want to eat his cake? He barely finished his last night, and it was a really nice lemon cake with cream frosting. I thought it was really nice, but he just said it was “good”. In Hethurin talk that’s not very good at all.

The new girl is going to stay and be a student. Hethurin says she’s interested in chronomancy, which means they might be going on more trips. I don’t mind, I think it’s interesting. I want to go see different times but Hethurin explained one time why we can’t. Still he’ll need someone to guard him when he goes so I said I would! I guess she went to Silvermoon last night to get her things, and to buy books. I had to go and look in one of the storage rooms for an extra book stand, because I think she has trouble holding them or something. Which makes sense I guess, because some of those books are really heavy. I think maybe she’s too embarrassed to ask for help with them or something and that’s why she only asked me instead of Hethurin. I think she’ll get along well with Des and Xarola though, which is good. She’ll be getting Mae’s old room, which is the nicest one (besides ours of course) in my opinion. I hope Mae comes to visit often, and she brings her baby to the ball. I know babies aren’t supposed to visit strangers when they are too young because they can get sick, but hopefully he’ll be old enough by the time the ball happens. He’s really cute and I miss having her to talk to. I mean I could talk to Hethurin or Des but it’s not the same. Mae was sort of like my sister, if my sister was my own age. My real sisters will be getting invitations to the spring ball, and I will have to make sure they have new dresses to wear. I sure hope my mother hasn’t told them and they don’t ruin the surprise! They better not!


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