[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I’ve been really busy getting ready for the spring ball. I wish Hethurin was a little more excited about it, though I guess he’s been working hard with Keyalenn on the music. That’s going to be great! Enchanted instruments are neat. I wish we had them playing all the time. For the cake, I already know how I’ll do the dragonhawk, because I’ve made one before. You just have to carve the shapes before you put on the frosting. The eggs are a little bit more complicated, because I want one of them to have something inside. I keep doing tests, but the thing inside always keeps getting all covered with cake. That won’t do! I thought about maybe putting like an egg-shaped box inside, that would probably work, except I have to bake it so it’s right in the middle. Also, I don’t know where I’ll get an egg-shaped box. I guess they probably sell them in Silvermoon. I don’t even want to write down what is going inside there, just in case Hethurin reads this. I don’t think he does. Does he? Hethurin if you are reading this please stop! Okay, so I’ve been saving up gold for a while, I knew he’d notice if I took a lot at once so I’ve just taken a little extra every time I need supplies or something. My mother also helped, since she doesn’t have to pay rent she has more money now. Most of it she spends on my sisters, but she’s saved a lot too. She insisted that she help once I told her about it, she also insisted on going to the shop with me. It was kind of embarrassing but okay I guess. The one I picked out has a dragon on the side and it’s holding a gem in its claws, I don’t know what kind of gem it is but it’s kind of pink and purple and looks like it’s magical. I don’t really think it is, or it would have cost a ton more, but it looks like it is anyway. So it’s perfect for a mage. I’ll put it inside the cake egg and then make sure he gets that one.

We haven’t got a new student yet. Mae’s room is still empty, and it’s the nicest of the student rooms if you ask me. Whoever comes here next is going to be lucky. I thought one of the guys might want it, but I think they like having their rooms together so they can talk and stuff. Mae has gone home to her own house with the baby. I hope she comes to visit though, her baby is really cute. I miss having Rylad around here all the time, though he’ll come for the ball I’m sure. But he’s running around so he’s not really a baby anymore! Lali’s baby is too. We’ll have to set up the play area for them during the ball so they don’t get bored. Oh, there was a boy who came to ask about coming to classes here, not mage classes but regular classes. He said he had to talk to his mother, but he seemed very excited to attend here. I hope he does, then we’d have our first real student! I mean, Vaildor is but he’s a relative so I don’t know if he counts.

I wonder if I should get a robe for the ball. I think I might wear my cloth suit instead, it’s a nice blue color, like the spring sky.


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