[Story] Fairsong Academy – Kiandris’s Journal

I am writing this down to practice so I can get ready for school. My handwriting isn’t very good but hopefully I spelled all the words right. Or at least close.

Yesterday I had to go into the town to buy some supplies for minn’da, like soap and this special oil she uses to shine furniture. In Silvermoon it was really easy, I could buy everything in the same shop and they always knew what I was talking about. Here there is only a tiny stall and when I ask the guy if they have it he just stares at me and drools. That’s because he’s an undead. I can see his bones where the skin is ripped, it’s so gross. I almost threw up right there in the market. But thankfully I didn’t. It doesn’t help that my minn’da’s handwriting isn’t very good (I guess that’s why mine isn’t) so I couldn’t read everything on the list. Hopefully I got the right things, she’ll just make me go back again if I didn’t. At least maybe she’ll write it so I can read it this time!

But I’m writing because there was a boy there at the market about my age, he was with a girl who was older, I thought she was his sister but she’s not. I overheard him talking about books he needed for school and I had to ask him because minn’da said there aren’t any schools here. They said it’s a mage school but they have regular classes too. I figured it must be really expensive but they said it’s free. I’m not really sure how that’s possible since mage schools usually cost a ton of money, that’s why only rich people are mages. The boy’s name is Vaildor and his parents have a building in town, they’re healers. So I guess if we’re ever sick, we’ll get to meet his minn’da. Mine got mad when I told her about that, she said I shouldn’t have gone with them because they were strangers and they could have stolen me or something. Except who is going to steal a kid? And besides, the boy was about my age so he wouldn’t do that. He’s the only one at the school, but there are some who are a bit older, like the girl with him. Her name is Des. He said there’s some guys too though, which would be nice. It’s so lonely and boring being alone in the house all the time. I did help minn’da work a little, but kids shouldn’t have to work! And it’s still kind of boring being with her all day, I’d rather have some people my age to talk to. The girl Des said that she could make a portal so I could go there and talk to the headmaster. Vaildor said they’re looking for students so I could probably get in. I really hope so! I am pretty good at reading and writing, and math. Vaildor knows how to do art, like drawing and painting. I wish I could do that. He said he could teach me, but I don’t know if you can teach someone how to draw, I think either you can or you can’t. But I said yes because I’d like to have him for a friend, he seems nice. I also said I’d help him with his reading homework, like he has to read books and say what they are about. Des didn’t like that, she said he had to do it himself, but I don’t see how helping would be bad.

I really hope I can go there. It sounds too good to be true, there has to be a trick or something. Minn’da said she will look up and see if she can find anything out about the school, it’s called Fairsong Academy. That’s a nice name, it sounds fancy.


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