[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Salastion and I wanted to go to the Faire since it was here, we figured it might help Keyalenn to stop thinking about work for a little while. Okay, and that ranger girl. There are always lots of girls there, sure some of them are gnolls and undead, but they still count, right? He didn’t even seem to want to go though, even when we went to the cake stand. He said there’s cake back at the school, which there is. But these cakes are good too, and they’re small little individual cakes, which are neat! There are also brownies, which I like a lot. He finally agreed to take one that had a lot of frosting on it. We got drinks too, which is fun because they have all different kinds there. I like the Darkmoon Reserve but it’s REALLY strong which I learned my lesson with last time. I drink it really slow now. The fizzing one is nice too, Keyalenn says there’s no alcohol in it, but I’m really not sure. I would be surprised if any of them didn’t. I remembered to buy some wings after we got drinks and dessert, they’re really good and it’s not good to just eat cake for dinner even though I’m pretty sure the Magister does all the time.

I told the guys about how he’s trying to trick Xarola into eating fish. I am not sure why he’d want to do that, she could get really sick! He’s never been mean to her before so I just don’t understand. I warned her about it though, and I said that if he tried to get her to eat anything weird, to just bring it to me and I’ll eat it. Then she can pretend that she did. I don’t know what happens if she eats fish, but I doubt it’s anything good! He did say that we’re for sure having a spring ball. I want to get a nice robe in some pale spring colors, but I’m worried it might look too silly. I guess it will depend what kind of dress Xarola gets, if she is getting one at all. Oh, that’s another weird thing. Keyalenn said that he doesn’t like the ranger girl anymore (which is good!) but that he only wants a mage girl now. Salastion and I think he shouldn’t limit himself so much, but he said that he doesn’t want a ranger because she’d have muddy shoes. Honestly, I don’t see how muddy shoes are such a big deal. Xarola has muddy shoes anytime we go out looking for herbs but she can just wash them? But then he said it was so they could study together, which makes sense I guess. Still, if the right girl for him happens to be a ranger, it would be silly of him to not talk to her just because of that. Salastion is going to talk to one of the Magister’s sisters, the one who was here to help with the babies. I personally think it would be a little weird to be seeing the Magister’s sister, but what do I know. Maybe it would help me pass my classes!

Anyway, Keyalenn says he’s too busy for a girlfriend anyway, with all of his classes and working on the music for the ball. I guess he’s probably right, he has been working a lot lately. It’s weird, he used to always joke and play pranks but now he just wants to study all the time. I guess almost failing your classes can do that to you. I don’t think Xarola takes up too much time, but it’s easy because we both live at the school. If I had to travel to see her, it would take up more time, but I could go on weekends or something. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

My fortune from the gnoll said that a stranger is a friend that you haven’t met yet. I wonder if it’s talking about the new student? We don’t have one yet, but hopefully soon. There’s a room now that Mae passed and has moved out.

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