[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Aeramin and Im came by the other night. Fortunately, Aeramin didn’t want to talk to me this time, he went to see his father. I’m not sure what about, I couldn’t hear them. But Im brought the letter from the human in Dalaran. He’s really upset over it, and angry. He’s angry because he feels like our father was just trying to make us go away — which, to be fair, he was. He’s angry that our mother sold us out, in his words, and didn’t keep us. I told him he ought to try to put himself in her place, how would he feel if he was in her situation? I am sure that our father made all kinds of promises, guaranteed that everything would be fine, before he gave her that money. She must have felt so betrayed and scared. I can’t even imagine raising one baby alone, let alone two. If she was secretly seeing him, it’s not like she had any support from anyone else either. I wonder if she tried, but couldn’t do it. Imagine how terrible that must have felt. Im won’t hear anything of it, though.

Then there’s the matter of the estate. Im said he wasn’t sure, but that he didn’t want any rich jerk’s money (his words again). I talked to Sunashe about it a little. He said if he had a lot of money he’d expand the stables and buy some hawkstriders for the rangers. That’s a very good idea actually, though we’d probably need to hire someone to care for them full-time as well. I can’t think of anything I really need, though. I said I’d get a new set of armor, and maybe a really nice expensive bow. But other than that? I said we could buy a real house, but Sunashe said that the cabin will be a real house, so I guess that’s that. He didn’t suggest anything else either. I guess part of me wanted him to, but he didn’t, so I won’t worry about it. Getting the money might not ever happen, anyway, the letter said it would be difficult and take a great deal of time. We’d have to go into the city for the paperwork and hearings. Still, it might be worth trying.

Im said he doesn’t want to look for our mother, at least right now. I think I would at least like to meet her. If she really didn’t want to give us up, she’d probably like to see us now. Or she might have a new family and a new life and would rather forget about it. I don’t know, it’s impossible to say. But I haven’t the first idea how we’d find her, the letter said she’s changed her name so she could be anywhere. She could have died in Dalaran or in Kalimdor, for all we know. Sunashe said that we should make a reward for information about her once we get the money from the estate. That might work, but I have a feeling people would just be pretending to be our mother. There’d be no way to prove it really. I guess we could ask them things that only the Matron would know, or about our father. He died in the Scourge attacks so the decision whether to meet him or not was already made for us. That’s for the best I think, because he can’t be very nice if he treated our mother that way. But she must have loved him at some point, at least a little. It’s sad to think about. I’m glad I never ended up in her situation. I need to be careful that I don’t, either.



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