[Story] Thorns – The Plan

I would write this in a letter, but Rose would flip her lid if she knew I was planning to let Nash go into Silvermoon alone. So I’m not, at least not until after he makes it out safely. Which he will. I hope.

Getting into the old school should prove less difficult. From what I’ve read, it’s been boarded up for years, but it’s old and in disrepair, there’s got to be one window or spot in the roof that’s loose enough to let us get through. From what I also read, it was a school for dark magic including necromancy, so we need to be prepared for what might still be inside. I don’t know if re-animated things can still hang around without their creators, but it’s definitely likely. Neither Nash or I are too excited about having to deal with that, but at least they’re fairly easy — knock the skull off and they’ll usually leave you alone. They’re just nasty, and they usually have bits of flesh and stuff still stuck to them, yuck. I guess the necromancers weren’t too concerned with cleaning their skeletons before using them. It makes me wonder why they’d have a book about time magic in there in the first place. The place has no doubt been picked over, and is quite large, so it could take us some time to locate. We’ll have to bring some food with. The place we’re staying cooks the same thing every night, some kind of brown mystery stew. I guess we can’t afford to be too picky, it’s not like there’s much else to eat around here, even if I knew how to hunt. The only living things I’ve seen outside of the town are bats and gigantic worms, neither of which really sound appetizing. Anyway, we’ll both keep our eyes open for any other books of interest. I know people in the city will pay a lot for them, especially if they’re rare or — even better — illegal. Already got some contacts in mind for who might be interested.

The second one is going to be even more difficult, because it’s in Silvermoon. I’d thought about making some fake tusks and pretending to be a troll when we went, but Nash didn’t seem to think that would work. Honestly, I doubt any blood elf is going to look too closely at a troll there. I explained that part of the reason he can hide so well in Stormwind is that nobody’s looking for a blood elf there. Hiding in plain sight, like they say. Then he was talking about hiring somone to go look for us. I don’t like that idea too much either, first of all it’s an expense that will take away from our total, but more importantly it opens the situation up to more danger. Unless it’s someone we know and can trust, it’s a risk I’m really not wanting to take. Nash is wanted in Silvermoon (I didn’t ask why) but he does know the city well and could get to the library quickly. Plus, I can’t even speak Orcish, not to mention Troll,  so I wouldn’t make a very convincing troll. I hope he’ll at least change his hair, I think he is planning to. We’ll camp closer to the gates and if he’s not back by sundown, I will have to think of a plan B. I hope there isn’t a plan B. Rose would skin me alive if she knew I was letting him go alone. I don’t like it either, but I don’t see a better way right now. We still have time to think of something.

I wonder how they’re doing in Outland. Rose says it’s a lot like she imagines the forests in Ashenvale to be, from the books she’s read. I don’t know if that’s true. If it is, it would feel strange going there. From her last letter though, it doesn’t sound as if she wants to relocate the shop yet, which is good. I don’t want to have to wear one of those stupid striped shirts.


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