[Story] The Letter from Dalaran

“Im?” Aeramin knocked on the bathroom door again. “Everything okay in there?”

Imralion looked over at the door. It was still latched, but he didn’t know if Aeramin had some other way to open it from the outside. “Yeah,” he called back. “Everything’s fine, I just — I’ll be another minute.”

He could hear Aeramin hesitating. “Okay,” he said at last, but he didn’t sound very convinced. It had been Im’s turn to get an unpleasant letter this time. It was from the human in Dalaran, the envelope stuffed thick with several pages so he’d known right away that there had to be something there. He tried to will his hands to stop shaking as he broke the seal and began to read.

The human explained that there was a large quantity of records that had been destroyed when Silvermoon came under siege by the Scourge, which of course Imralion had already known. Except in this case, the human believed these ones might have been lost intentionally. The record of their arrival at the Matron’s house was well documented, their mother having left them and filled out the required paperwork. But the human was certain that she had used a false name, as there were no records of a Liara Sunsorrow anywhere before or since. Imralion already knew that much. Comparing records around that time, however, the human found a sizeable amount of money paid to one Liara Starsinger, just a few months beforehand, for “services rendered”. It was intended to appear as a paycheck, except that she had no record of working for this household, nor received any other payments. It looked, the human wrote, like a pay-off. The household in question was one of a well-connected noble, Taranis Dawnforge, and he was married at the time. While it wasn’t solid proof, it was easy enough to put the pieces together: their mother had been bought into keeping their existence quiet. What’s more, he wrote, Master Dawnforge himself had perished in the Scourge attacks, and had no legitimate heirs on record. So barring any other siblings who he’d paid to cover up, Imralion and Linarelle had a claim to his estate — though it might be difficult to prove. More research would be required, the human wrote. As for Liara, she had disappeared too, but it was likely that she had changed her name and moved elsewhere. There was no record of her death or any marriages or other civil matters. If she lived, it would be next to impossible to find her.

It was worse than Imralion he had expected. Not only had their father not wanted them, he’d paid their mother to keep quiet in order to avoid a scandal. Worse than that, he wasn’t even alive so Im couldn’t ask him about it. Sunsorrow wasn’t even their actual surname, it was just one she’d picked to write on the papers. Then there was the matter of the estate. Sure, some gold would be nice, maybe it would even be justice for their father turning his back on them. But part of him wanted to just forget about it.

He folded the letter up and put it back into the envelope. It didn’t really fit anymore. He would have to tell Lin about it, too.


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