[OOC/Screenshots] Patch 6.1

I was fortunate to get a SELFIE camera on Orny on the first day. Sath has one now, too, which should make getting the Field Photographer achievement a bit easier. It’s account-wide, so he can take care of the Horde ones for me! I am not sure if Orny really understands the concept.

I AM smiling.

I AM smiling.

Once I finish that, I’d like to get some jukebox tunes, and try for the new raid pets. I just wish the songs were an account-wide collection, so my alts could change their music without having to hunt them all down too. It’s not a big thing I guess, but it would be nice. There are some songs that I’m quite fond of, like the Karazhan opera theme, that I’m interested in getting.

Evidently you can take selfies in orca form.

Evidently you can take selfies in orca form.

The other big change is the heirloom tab, which is really awesome for me, as someone with tons of alts. I used to have to keep a spreadsheet of who had which heirlooms on which servers and which account. I had to kind of commit to leveling one alt because it was a hassle to mail them all back and forth. I don’t have to anymore, which is great! It’s given me new motivation to level some of my lowbies, which is great because I really do enjoy leveling. (Up until Pandaria, anyway.)

My raid team is chugging along pretty well. Now that our roster is a bit more stable, we’re killing things quickly and making good progress. We are 7/7 normal Highmaul and 5/7 Heroic. We have 3 bosses down in BRF normal as well. So we’re not breaking any world records, but it’s fun and I enjoy raiding with them.

I am still hoping for some dailies in a future patch, ones for the various Draenor reps. And flying, of course.


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