[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The trip was really great! Hethurin did a good job picking a place, it was the fanciest you can imagine! They had a tub pool that was shaped like a heart, and all kinds of things you could do like massages and getting your nails fixed up. I’ve never had my nails fixed up, usually they get kind of scruffy while I work but it was nice anyway. I wonder if anyone will notice when we get back! Probably not, because we would only be gone for a few seconds! The food there was really good too, and you could just order it from a paper and they would bring it up to your room. I wish we could go there all the time, but Hethurin says he’d rather take shorter trips in the future. I guess that it messes things up less that way, or something. I admit that I’d like to be able to go on long trips all the time, it must be kind of expensive, and I don’t want any time to get messed up. I’m just happy that he’s bringing me along with him at all, and we get some time alone to talk.

He’s still acting a little strange, like last night Mae let me hold Zaeris for a little while. I think I was only able to convince her because I’ve had experience with babies and we were friends before. That, and I think she wanted to be able to finally get a bath, she hasn’t really been able to since he’s been born. So I had him downstairs in the dining room and Hethurin is still being weird, it’s like he suddenly doesn’t like babies anymore. Or maybe he just doesn’t think Zaeris is cute, I guess that might be it, but I think he’s adorable! Even Des said how cute his little toes are. He’ll have reddish hair, sort of like Hethurin’s, too. I bet we could find one like that, though sometimes babies’ hair can change color as they get older.

Besides that, I was trying to start planning for the spring ball. It’s still a ways off, but not that far. It’s always good to plan in advance, especially if there’s a lot of things that need to be done. We won’t need too much for decorations, probably just some ribbons, because there will be flowers outside. Although we should get a tent in case it rains, which is pretty likely here in the spring. I asked Hethurin what he wanted for the cake and he didn’t even seem to care at all! That’s not like him. I wonder if he doesn’t want to have one, and is just making me plan it all again. I came up with the idea of a cake shaped like a bunny, but he said there had to be books because we’re at a school. So the bunny could be sitting on books. I think that’s a bit weird, but if that’s what he wants, I can do it. But I came up with another idea, a dragonhawk on a nest, and the nest could be filled with colored eggs. Hethurin liked that idea more, so we can do that. I think we should hide eggs in the garden for people to find, too. We could even put some with prizes inside of them, I bet everyone would like that. The babies could hunt for the eggs! They’d probably be too little, but it would be cute anyway. Everyone wants Tik to make the fish rolls again, Hethurin was kind of upset when I told him that Xarola ate them. I think she’s not really allergic, but she just doesn’t like fish. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but he was kind of mad. Honestly I doubt Tik is that upset either, but I’m not going to bring it up to him, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Oh, and we’re going to have the enchanted instruments again, Hethurin is going to look for some new sheet music for them. He suggested that we write “babysitting provided” on the invitations so the parents will come, and we can help watch the babies. I don’t think it’s really necessary but it’s not a bad idea, I guess. They can take a break and dance together while we look after them, I don’t mind at all, and I’m sure Des doesn’t either.

Magister Firewind is going to start having his lessons outside. He thinks the students will worry less about setting things on fire out there, because sand and rocks don’t catch on fire. Also, the water is right there. Hopefully it works! He’ll have to wait a little while though, because right now it’s still a bit cold and icy. But hopefully spring will be here before too long.

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