[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I guess Nessna was right after all, Sunashe can be romantic if he wants to be. Of course it helped that we got to stay at a really nice place, with really nice food. It was just as good as one of the fancy places in the city, but there was no one else there — well they were, but not in the area we were eating. Some of the students were there, of course. If I had known there would be amazing food at the school I might have become a mage after all! Tik made these little roasted birds, they tasted like chicken but they were smaller so I imagine they were a forest bird of some sort. They had herbs and seasoning inside, and the outside was crisp and roasted. There were also vegetables and fresh bread to go with it. And some really nice wine from the city, I think I’ve had it there at the school before but I’m not sure. I’d like to find out what kind it was so I could buy it, but it’s probably really expensive!

Then our room! I’ve stayed at the school before and the rooms are generally nice, but this one was extra fancy. The bed had lots of pillows and thick fuzzy blankets, and there was a fireplace. I guess Sunashe had already been up there, because there were flower petals and candles and little chocolates in a bowl. The bathroom had a tub with all sorts of soaps and oils and things. It was so nice, I wonder if the other guys gave him ideas for that! It doesn’t matter though, I loved it. I think he did too. He got me earrings, really expensive ones too. I am a bit worried that he’s spending so much on me, I mean we make a decent amount but he shouldn’t be spending it all! The next time we go somewhere, I’ll offer to pay for it! The earrings are gold with rubies in them, I like them because they don’t dangle down, so I can wear them while I’m on patrol. I’m sure he thought about that! I’ve never got anything like that before — not counting Keyalenn, because that doesn’t really count. I mean from someone I was actually with. I thought I might cry, I don’t think he noticed because he was helping me put them on. If he did, he was polite enough not to say anything.

I told him that I love him. I don’t know if he noticed because he didn’t really say anything but I thought I should. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and trying it out in my head and I feel it’s right. I’m still really worried that something will go wrong, but I don’t know if that ever really goes away. I should talk to Im, except he’s probably not the best person to ask right now. I haven’t heard anything about what’s happening there, although he did say he expects a letter from the person in Dalaran very soon. I’m very interested to read that letter.


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