[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I’ve finally found a few minutes to write while Zaeris is asleep. I expected to be tired, but not this tired! Luckily he’s fairly regular about how often he needs to eat, so I know I have a few hours until he wakes up again. Gael always offers to help but right now I’m the only one who can feed him! I did make him wash diapers though. We’re staying at the school for the next few days, because Gael thinks I can’t take a portal home yet. I can’t really complain, it’s comfortable and everyone brings me anything I need, even Des. She brought me juice and bread the first night, then Tik started bringing giant trays of food. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I ate almost all of it. Being a mother makes you hungry! I didn’t know that either.

Esladra has come to check on me a couple of times already. Apparently Lani had her baby just a day before mine, so she definitely is keeping busy! Lani had a girl, I can’t wait to see her. I bet she’s so cute (but not as cute as mine). With all of the babies in the area, we were saying that maybe Esladra should stay and work at the building in town. They’d probably need to add on another room or something, but it should be possible, right? Those poor builders are never going to get a break! In a month or so they’ll have to start working again, I know the rangers are making some new cabins on the property. I’m looking forward to having Zaeris grow up out here in the woods, I think it’s much better than the city. He’ll be able to play outdoors and learn how to do ranger things, rather than just stay inside and study all day. Of course he can study too, hopefully here at the school! It’s a good thing that Magister Fairsong planned ahead and got a teacher for general classes! They’ll all be in the same class together when they are older.

Of course Mother and Father want to come see Zaeris, I’m not so sure about that yet. I need to talk to Gael. I think maybe it would be better for them to see him somewhere besides our house, but he’ll have to be a bit older for that. Maybe I’m being stubborn but I’m still a bit angry about how they treated Gael. Like now that we have a baby they’re suddenly being nice again but I know it’s just because they want to see Zaeris. Maybe they’ll start to like Gael again. I guess I could at least let them buy things for him! He has so much already but the little clothes they make for babies are so cute. Gael was talking about getting him a little toy farm set too. He’d have to be a bit older for that, he’s not even interested in toys yet. All he likes to do is eat and sleep.


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