[Screenshots] SWTOR Double XP

Double XP weekend is over, but I was able to get Kazta to 60 (level cap) and my Sith to level 59. So not bad! I should also probably work on my Jedi, he’s the one who has all of my XP cookies. I wish they sold 2x ones in the cash shop, I’d buy so many!

Malavar’s new armor is super weird. Once he got to the planet, he got the same appearance that Kazta’s has, though.

I still really wish that WoW would rip off some things from SWTOR, namely the follower system. Every class gets 5 different ones (plus the ship droid). You get a tank, a healer, a melee dps, ranged dps and a ranged tank. That means, no matter what your spec, you always have a companion to fight with you (a la bodyguards in WoW). They have a control bar, and you can swap out companions anytime, as long as they’re not out performing a mission. You manually give them gear and can get different appearances for them through different means. Most importantly, each one of them has an approval bar (basically like rep) and a storyline that you follow throughout your questing with them. Once you hit certain threshholds of approval, you unlock personal quests for them. Some are even romanceable!

The housing system in SWTOR is also pretty nice, though not as open-ended as RIFT or WildStar, it’s still good and it’s a great place to invite your friends over to RP.


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