[Story] Morthorn’s Journal

Our daughter is finally here. She’s so tiny and perfect. Everything went smoothly, no doubt because Lani was prepared and her sister was here to attend to her. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t worried, but they made me wait in the patients’ waiting room with some tea that was supposed to be calming. I don’t think it was, but I barely had any. I kept thinking about all of the awful things that could happen. They didn’t, of course, she was born perfectly healthy and very very cute. Now that we know she’s a girl, we can get all sorts of dresses and little lacy hats and shoes and things. I thought it might be strange, but it’s not really. She has my hair! Well, just a tiny bit, little wisps of it, but you can tell it’ll be my color. I’ve already got to hold her a little bit, when she’s not busy eating. I thought Lani had a whole list of names ready, but she wanted me to pick one. I couldn’t even remember the ones from the list, so I just thought of the first ones I could. Now I’m wondering if that wasn’t intentional. We both agreed that Telinda was nice. Privately I’m relieved she didn’t go with the name that started with V that was on her list.

Her room is all the way on the other end of the house, so we’re keeping her in our room for now. I’ve moved the crib in and set it up, though I think she won’t be using that just yet either. I think she’s still too tiny to be alone in there, though I put her little dragonhawk toy in for when she’s ready. I expect all the visitors will come to see her soon, once Lani has had a chance to rest and she’s old enough to not be in danger of getting sick. Vaildor and Hethurin did come by already. Lani said he’s very excited to be a brother and wants to paint a portrait of her. I know he was feeling a bit apprehensive before, so I’m happy that he is so enthusiastic about the baby. It will be wonderful to have a way to remember what she looked like so small, as she’ll grow up very quickly. I’m already thinking about whether she’ll go to school at the Academy, I suppose she will, but Vaildor will have probably moved to the art school full time by then. Thankfully there are several other babies being born that she will be able to play with — Rylad and Iannor, and Mae’s baby who will arrive any day now. And there may be more after that, it’s impossible to say.

Lani won’t be seeing anyone for a few days, though I am still able to. Maybe she will let me keep Telinda in the sling at my desk, it’s easier for me because I don’t have to get up and look at patients. I’m not sure if she’ll agree to being away from her that long though.


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