[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

After Winter Veil I had to be careful about what kind of present to get for Hethurin. He can already buy just about everything so he’s kind of difficult to think of gifts for. Of course I knew I wanted to make him a cake, yesterday I did one that was for everyone. That one was chocolate with red coloring and then cream cheese frosting, and decorated with hearts and the little candies. Then I made a separate one for Hethurin for tonight, that one is chocolate with manaberry filling and chocolate frosting, and I wrote “I love you” on the top too. We’re having some of the rangers stay here in Mae’s old room, and I thought I could decorate it to make it nice. I put flowers in some vases, and also left the little candies in bowls all over. I put some flower petals on the floor and the bed too, and also put some fancy soaps in the bathroom. Oh, and lots of candles. I thought it would be good to do in our room too, I just hope Hethurin doesn’t see it before tonight!

Although Hethurin told me he has a trip planned, one of the special portal trips, so we’ll be gone for two weeks or so, but then come back to the same day. I like those trips! It’s fun to go to all the different places, and it’s like a secret that no one else knows about. Well, I guess Des and Renner know too, but still. From how he described it, the place sounds really nice. I can’t wait! He said I should pack things for swimming too, so it must be somewhere warm. He said he got candy that is shaped like… you know. There were all different sizes and colors. I wish I’d thought of making his cake like that! I think Tik would have frowned a lot though.

I’m really excited about Lani and Mae’s babies getting born soon. I was talking to Hethurin about it again, I think it would be good because we could pick out the nicest baby. People who have one the regular way don’t get to do that, although I’m sure they will both be very cute. Hethurin said he wants to wait fifty years or so before we get one. That’s so long! I don’t know if I can wait that long! Hopefully more people will have some so I can get to play with babies in the meantime. I think part of it is because he wants to be married first, he said they won’t let people adopt them if they aren’t. That’s probably true. Maybe we can talk about it more on our trip, he really wanted to before but now he doesn’t. But the trip will be really romantic so maybe it’ll give him the idea to ask about it again. I don’t know whose name we would use though! I guess his, otherwise he’d have to change the name of the school. Terellion Fairsong sounds pretty good too.


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