[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR: Shadow of Revan

I bought the expansion a while back but just now got the chance to actually start on it. I really like how they’ve done the storyline, there are a series of “solo flashpoints” which are basically like story quests, or scenarios in WoW. Except that you actually get stuff after finishing these — a set of starter level 55 armor, and housing trophies which you can hang on your wall. You also get a combat droid to help you out, and he’s incredibly powerful, haha. I wish I could keep him forever! Even in my utterly awful gear I had absolutely no problem killing anything. I can only imagine someone in raid gear doing these. But they were fun, and I’m looking forward to doing the rest.

One thing I like is that my character never feels different when I play her, though I think they did change Ion Pulse a bit (seems to be instant now instead of a long animation), and it feels like Mortar Volley has a shorter cooldown. Which is nice! I’m not sure though, I haven’t played her in quite a while.

It’s also double XP weekend, which is more motivation to play!

One of the quests gave me a new weapon, which I needed really badly. I like how it looks like I just taped a radio on there with duct tape or something.



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