[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Things are going a little bit better. Still not great, but better, which I guess isn’t saying much because it would have been impossible to get much worse. I’ve been talking to everyone, and they all seem to have an opinion about the situation. Up until the other day, Lin said I should just leave, but the last time I asked if she could just leave that ranger after being together for two years and she said that maybe she could see my point. Kes said that I need to work on it, as if all of this is my responsibility. I know Aeramin tries to say that, but it’s not. I told her that I’d pretty much got past it before, but having Lyorri really changed the situation. I’m not opposed to maybe one day having kids but I don’t feel like I’m ready for that, and also I’d always think about who her mother is. Kes pointed out that she looks a lot more like Aeramin, which is true. And I don’t want them to hate each other, and most of all I don’t want Lyorri to think that people don’t want her. I still don’t know if that’s what happened to Lin and I — the guy in Dalaran is taking his sweet time in getting back to us — but it’s possible. In Lyorri’s case, she definitely would know. So I thought that maybe I could try, you know, it’s not like the mother will ever be around. I can pretend she grew under a leaf or something like that.

The one person who isn’t talking to me about it is Aeramin. He pretty much just goes straight downstairs after we eat. I tried to get him to talk about his class and his students but he just wanted to argue or something. Whatever. After Kes left I finally found him in the kitchen (where he’d been for ages) and made him talk to me. Kes said that first of all he should stop sleeping in the basement. I agree with that, it’s way too cold and he complains about how much the floor hurts. He’s also got some of his imps down there. Why, who would want to sleep with imps around anyway? They’re like cats except they have hands and can scream and make fireballs. So then Aeramin said he wasn’t allowed to sleep upstairs, which isn’t true. I never said that, but he seems to remember it, but I wasn’t going to argue about it. I finally convinced him to at least try it out. It was pretty awkward and nothing happened, though our backs were touching. Oh and he wore this weird night robe thing, I didn’t even know he had that.

I feel bad about the trip now. Apparently he’d already put down the deposit. If I had known that, I would have agreed to go. I just didn’t really like the sound of being forced to stay in the same room together for a whole weekend with things being the way they are. He is out the next couple of weeks’ pay, which is okay because I have enough to buy food and things, but he’s also upset because now he doesn’t have a gift for me. I told him I don’t need one, I really can’t think of anything I’d want. Other than things being back to normal, which is going to take a long time.

Lin told me she’s getting that ranger a sleeping roll. That’s not very romantic at all, I guess unless you plan to go somewhere together and use it. I don’t think Aeramin would want a sleeping roll. I haven’t the first idea what I’d get for him, and it’s only in a few days anyway.

3 Responses to [Story] Imralion’s Journal

  1. Aww, Aeramin cried himself to sleep last night if there wasn’t a hug. Backs touching, cold Im, so cold. 😦

  2. Still better than the floor… right?! lol

    • That depends. Sure the bed is softer, but he even asked if Im would accidentally put his arm around him and he said probably. When he didn’t he very likely went back into feeling very much alone.

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