[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Thanks to Arancon, I know what I’m going to buy for Nessna for the goblin holiday. He doesn’t talk about his wife very much, but it’s obvious that he loved her a lot. It’s probably still painful for him. I bet she was a great person. It makes me wonder how she ended up with a kid like Aeramin. That’s probably not very nice, but I really don’t agree with how he’s treating his daughter. Yes, it’s easier for him and it makes Kes happy for now at least, but how is she going to feel about him when she’s older? Or maybe she’ll grow up and adore him, who knows. Of course he wouldn’t listen to me about it, not that I’m sure what advice I would give him. My advice would have been to not do it in the first place, but it’s a bit late for that. I don’t see why he and Im can’t raise her, unless of course he’s not willing to do that. That’s possible.

But yeah, Arancon suggested that I get Nessna a locket. I think that’s a really good idea. I’m going to ask Vaildor if he can make a little tiny portrait of Rylad, that’ll be easy because I can take him while she’d on patrol. I don’t know if he’ll sit still, but hopefully Vaildor can at least get a sketch or something quickly. I thought about getting one of me for the other side, but I guess I’m not sure if Nessna wants that. I hope she does. Or maybe she can put one there once Rylad has a brother or sister. I’m also going to ask Vaildor about having a formal portrait done when I am there, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Of course, Nessna would know about that so it’d be after the holiday. We could hang it up in our house. I’m still going to get her the normal holiday stuff too, like flowers and some candy. I might steal Sunashe’s idea about the pants, but that would be after she got her real present of course.

I think he had a good time at the faire. He came up as we were about to leave to tell me that he and Lin were going to camp there for the night. Good for him! Rylad wanted to ride the ponies pretty much the entire time, though we did distract him long enough to get some food. He wanted the fluffy spun sugar candy and it melted all over his hands and arms. At least he washes off easily. My fortune from the gnoll said “The greatest risk is not taking one.” Sometimes I wonder if that gnoll really is on to something.

Yara and Kavia are doing really well, I’m going to start sending them out to learn the routes. It’s something of a relief to get people who are already trained, though I think Sunashe secretly wishes they weren’t. Especially when they already have habits he doesn’t like. The crossbows should arrive next week, I’ll let Yara show the others how to use them. I did find a blacksmith in town, unfortunately he’s undead but he does know how to make crossbow bolts, at least. I guess we can’t really be too picky.


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