[OOC] The Week in Raiding

I was reading back through my old posts and I realized I hadn’t done one of these for ages.

Our former raid team sadly fell apart during Throne of Thunder, and I raided Siege with some friends from my old server on Alliance, and with a guild on Hyjal on Horde. Sadly, it seems like neither of those groups are currently running either. I have a lot of them on my friends list, but I’m seeing less of them lately. So, while I’d like to eventually get a Horde healer leveled and geared, I am mostly focusing on Orny right now — which is fine with me because he’s my main and I like druid a lot.

But, I’m having the same trouble I had early in Cata and early in Mists — the stats and spells get changed so much every new expansion that I feel like I’m starting from scratch every time instead of playing the same character. Then (and now) I feel like I’m lagging way behind where I should be, numbers-wise, and I really don’t know how to bring them up. I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, but it’s not having the same result. I’ve switched talents and gear, and it doesn’t seem to help much. It’s stressful when it feels like I’m holding my team back and not really fun to be last on the charts.  I know charts aren’t everything, especially for measuring healing, but it’s what raid leaders tend to look at first. I do really like the team I’m with now, and it’s stable for the most part; we have the same two tanks and the same 2-4 healers every time. But we’re short on DPS and usually need to end up finding pugs, which means we aren’t always consistent and can make progressing more difficult than it would normally be. Still, I’m fine with doing things casually and two nights a week is the limit of what I want to do. I like to have time for RP!

Since starting in December we’ve done all of normal, save for Imperator. We got some good attempts on him but haven’t got him down yet. We’ve also killed several bosses on heroic, we’re still working on doing more of those so we can get more people gear. We got our feet wet in Blackrock Foundry this week and got Gruul down on normal, but found we need more gear to get too much beyond that. For example our tank was getting one-shot on Hans and Franz, and we hit the enrage on the Beastmaster guy. And Oregorger is just terrible.

Saturday we also went back and did some Mists raid achievements, which was fun. Some of them require 10 people though, so we’ll have to try again with more. And I still don’t get the vehicle on the amber boss… I’ve yet to survive that I think. I’d really like to go back to Throne of Thunder and finish those, because I never did get to finish it on normal. The meta achievement for that one is really neat!


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