[OOC] Not-WoW Update

Since Warlords launch, it’s been a while since I posted about any not-Wow games!

SWTOR’s Shadow of Revan expansion is out, I bought it (because it was cheap, only $20) but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I need to figure out the new combat proficiency system. It appears to replace the old talent trees, but I’m not sure just yet. Admittedly, I am pretty bored in WoW outside of RP and raid nights, so I may start taking Kazta through the new content. There’s a new planet and, hopefully, some good storylines there. I was a little disappointed in Makeb in that there weren’t really any class-specific quests, but it still wasn’t bad. I still have tons of fun playing her and I do really enjoy  SWTOR when I get the chance to play it. That and RIFT would be the games I’d play if WoW closed or my friends all stopped playing. Update: Just read on the developer blog that one of my favorite races is becoming playable! That definitely gets me excited to play again.

I think there’s a new expansion out, but I am not sure. My highest character is level 54, and I believe the max is 100 now, so I’m so far away from current content that I have no clue. I’m one of those super noobs who never even gets to max level, and they keep raising it! It doesn’t help that I’m in Moria, which is a zone I really disliked the last time I tried it. It’s very difficult to navigate (there are a lot of elevation changes) and also incredibly dark. I had to adjust my screen to be able to see anything at all. They might have changed it since then though, it was several years ago. This is another one that I wish I had more time to play, for a time I played it a lot but I never was able to find a guild (despite a lot of trying) so my interest kind of waned. Unfortunately, my house got locked due to lack of payment, but I was able to unlock it again, for much less than last time. That’s a relief! So my “rent” is paid up through April again. I’d like to play again sometime, I just don’t have enough free time!

Dragon Age: Inquisition
I’m stalled out on my second playthrough, right after the Orlesian ball quest. It’s really hard to find the motivation to play at all, especially to do all the pointless side quests. Part of this is because I know how boring and grindy it is, and there’s no mystery about the storyline so it’s less urgent that I level up to see it. I’m pretty much just playing to see the result of the romance arc at this point. But even that’s not especially compelling, as I think I’ve pretty much got all the scenes I am going to get with that character. It kind of baffles me to see people rave about how much they like it, when my experience has been so different. Maybe I’m just jaded or something, but I honestly would rather play the entirety of Origins (yes, even the Fade and the Deep Roads) than finish this second play through of Inquisition. I wanted to like this game, but it’s honestly just not very fun at all.




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