[Story] Isandri’s Diary

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t written in this for ages! Thero is doing well with his classes at the school. There aren’t a whole lot of students interested in enchanting just yet, but he thinks there will be more once they get further in their studies. It’s true that you need a basic magical education before you can even think about enchanting objects. Since Maerista has graduated, and Des must be getting close, hopefully there will also be some new students soon. I’m so happy that the school is doing so well, I know it’s really important to Hethurin and also I’m glad it means his mother was wrong. That’s probably not very nice, but neither is she!

I keep meaning to talk to Thero about joining up with the rangers. I guess if he’s happy with his teaching job, it wouldn’t really be possible, although he could do a short patrol in the evenings or something. I don’t know, he’s never really very receptive to the idea, and I know it’s just because Sath is there. Those two really just need to sort things out. It sounds like everything is going well there too, which is good. I’d like for Sath to be happy and do well too, after everything that’s happened.

Iannor is getting so big! He’s starting to stand up on his own — well, usually he will use a table or something but he’s starting to let go and he’ll stay up for a few seconds. It’s practice! I’m just so afraid he’ll hit his head or something. He also is starting to make sounds that sound like words — sometimes, anyway. We’re working on “ann’da” when Thero comes home, he’s getting pretty good with that one. He also says “no”. I guess I didn’t really realize how big he was until I saw Lyorri, Kes’s little baby. Well, really it’s Aeramin’s baby but Kes is keeping it, I guess. She’s wanted one for such a long time, I know she’ll do a good job. I’m just not sure why Aeramin doesn’t want his own daughter. But she is so tiny and adorable! She’s a little bit early, but otherwise healthy, and she’s eating well. Kes brings her to the office for check-ups so I get to see her. We were talking about how all the children will be able to grow up together and be friends. I can’t wait! Lani’s baby will be here soon, as will Mae’s. It won’t be quite like the old days, but it won’t be too far off. I suppose I should wait a few years before talking to Thero about another one, but it’s awfully difficult with all of the cute new babies around. And it would be fun to be able to buy little tiny dresses. I asked Sath if Nessna is going to have another one but he said he wasn’t sure. That isn’t no!



One Response to [Story] Isandri’s Diary

  1. I bet she’s excited (or nervous) about filling in for Lani while she takes a little maternity leave.

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