[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin and Des went into the city last night while I was working, which I don’t really mind too much. They got cake from the shop that gives away free cake, he’s always sure to say mine is better but I don’t know, why is he so eager to eat it then if it’s not good? The thing I don’t like is then he tells Tik that he already ate supper to get out of eating it here. It’s not good for him to only eat cake all the time, I’m not going to tell Tik but I think he knows. And he won’t listen when I try to get him to eat it. Tik said that I should start cooking vegetables and other things into them, but I’m pretty sure Hethurin would notice. Remember how much he freaked out when he found out about the eggs? It would be ten times worse.

Anyway, they bought a lot of cute little blankets for all the babies. Then we got the idea that we should have a party for all the mothers and new babies so we could give them the blankets and eat cake. I know they do that in the city anytime someone has a baby, and there are going to be two more soon, so three all together! I was thinking about different ways I could decorate the cakes, with little animals made out of sugar and stuff. Hethurin said I should make one look like a giant fluffy sugar chick. I’ll think about it, I think maybe I should make three small cakes so they can be different flavors and so each mother has one. We’re going to invite Kestrae because she’s one of the new mothers. I am not sure what kind of animal Mae would like, and she doesn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. It’ll be too late to change the decorations once we get them so we’ll just get some that would work for both. Hethurin said we should get bat decorations. That isn’t good for babies! Besides, he didn’t want me having them for the autumn ball, I don’t see why he would now.

He also didn’t like my idea about making a maze in the garden. Des was talking about the garden and whether we were going to make it bigger. I think a maze would be fun for parties, or just for the kids to play in. If someone got lost, a mage could just teleport into the middle and get them out. But then Hethurin said it should be along the walkway up to the school, I really don’t think it would make a good first impression if visitors got lost on the way inside. We might find skeletons in there or something if they starve to death. So I just gave up on the idea if he doesn’t like it. He also said he didn’t think that they let people adopt babies if they aren’t married. But unmarried people have babies all the time. If we could just find a girl like Lyorri’s mother before she left her on the doorstep, that would be good. Someone who doesn’t want to keep their baby and would let us take it. But Hethurin said she could just take it back later on because there wouldn’t be any papers. I guess so. But we could put a ward or something, I don’t know. I didn’t want to argue about it.


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