[OOC/Screenshots] Happy 9th Anniversary!

Today marks 9 years since I started playing WoW. It really doesn’t seem like that long! It was something I was interested in, and some of my friends played, but I’d held off because I was worried that I might get addicted to. (Might?! Hah!)

I’d played StarCraft at a friend’s house before, but never WarCraft, so I really didn’t have any idea about the lore or factions or anything. I thought Druid sounded the most interesting, and I went with Tauren because the idea of running around as a cow totally cracked me up.

So here is my very first character, created back on January 30, 2006.


I was so excited when I got my forms!


I first saw the World of Warcraft through her eyes, I did all of the druid class quests, and the world events like the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj and the Scourge invasion. I remember hunting for Noblegarden eggs with her, and going to Zul’Gurub for the first time.

My second character was a Forsaken Warlock. Here she is at level 6, fresh from the grave.


About four months or so later, I decided that I wanted to try out Alliance side because I wanted a paladin. She became my new main, and then shortly after rolled Ornasse, my Alliance druid. There was no faction change back then!

Today, Tahanah is Tathariel, Ornasse’s daughter. I use her for RP, but otherwise she isn’t doing a whole lot. She’s still leveling up.


Sora hasn’t changed — until the new models came along and she lost her skeleton face. But she still has good old Nokjub, her imp.


And here is Ornasse today. I change his mog frequently, but this is his current one!


I’ve made some really great friends and had so many good adventures in WoW, even when at times I find the game itself not so fun, those are the things that keep me playing. Hopefully Tahanah and Sora and Orny and all the rest will be around for at least nine more years!


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