[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Kestrae brought the baby in for us to meet her. She’s really tiny, smaller than either of my sisters were when they were born. Kestrae took her to see Lani to make sure she’s healthy, and Lani said that she’s a little bit early. That would explain why she is so small! But other than being small, she’s doing well and she is eating and burping and everything. I guess you forget how small they really are until you see one again. I mean, Rylad’s getting big now and he can run around on his own. I kind of missed having him here, it’s great that Kestrae lives on the grounds so we can go and visit her anytime. Well, almost anytime. Hethurin did tell her that we’d be happy to watch her anytime! Oh, her name is Lyorri. That’s a really pretty name. Hethurin says that Aeramin is her father, which I guess makes sense because her hair is the same color. Also, he said that he saw Lyorri on one of his trips into another time, and she was studying here and passing notes to a boy. But I don’t understand how that’s possible if he’s with Im. Unless he was with a girl too, but I’d rather not think about that. And why would the mother not tell him about it? Even worse, why would she just give up her baby like that? It’s terrible. I’m really glad she’s here now and we can take care of her. Hethurin went the other day and bought some little dresses, but I didn’t get to go so I hope we can go again soon. My sisters aren’t babies anymore so I can’t get them little dresses but they’d probably like some hair ribbons or something. We could get Lyorri a hair ribbon, except she doesn’t have enough hair to use it yet. But she could save it until she does.

I think it would be nice to have one of our own, it got me thinking about that again. Not yet, obviously, but maybe in a few years would be good. I don’t know if they’d allow us to, first of all we’re both kind of young, but I guess so are most people when they have one on their own. Second, they might say that a baby needs a mother. Maybe Hethurin could pretend he is, just kidding. I think if we prove we have a good home and know how to take care of one, it should be fine. We have lots of practice with Rylad, and now Lyorri. And Lani and Mae’s babies will both be born soon, so we will get even more practice. It’s great that they’ll all be about the same age, they can all play together and go to Lali’s classes here. I hope some other kids come from the town, as well. Then it’ll be like a real school and everyone will talk about it.

Her ears are so tiny and cute! They are like little flower buds or something. Why doesn’t Aeramin want his own daughter? I really don’t understand him.


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