[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Imralion paid me a visit the other night, at the ranger building. I was out back practicing, and Vellira came to tell me that he was here. He’s never come to visit, so I figured it must be something pretty important if he wasn’t just writing a letter. We sat in the common room so he could eat, but he wasn’t in the mood for that. It turns out that he actually came to see Arancon. Why? Because someone left a baby on the doorstep of Im and Aeramin’s house, and claimed Aeramin was the father. I was surprised by that, not nearly as much as Im was, I’m sure. If Aeramin has a baby, that makes me its aunt — well, sort of. I mean we wouldn’t be related by blood, but if they were raising it as theirs and he and Aeramin are together… I think it would be fun to be an aunt. I could buy things for the baby and come and play with it — her, Im said that the baby is a girl — but I wouldn’t have all the responsibility. I think that’s a good way to get used to being around them. There were younger children who lived with the Matron, but they weren’t babies; those usually got adopted pretty quickly. And if they were very young, the Matron did all of the feeding and cleaning stuff anyway, we just played with them.

But Im said that Aeramin didn’t seem interested in keeping her at all, in fact he said he was sure that he wasn’t her father. This despite the fact that she looks like him, and that the mother was the girl that he met in the library in Shattrath. The timing seems about right too. Im was adamant that they not take her to the orphanage, and I agree with him on that, if she has a father she shouldn’t be sent away. I don’t know why her mother didn’t just keep her, I can’t understand why she would just abandon her like that. Even if she didn’t really want a baby, she could have frozen to death on the doorstep. What if Im and Aeramin hadn’t been home? Or what if she did end up in the orphanage? What kind of mother could do that? Im told me that he thought she and Aeramin should raise the baby, but I’m not sure that’s very realistic. Besides, she left a fake address on the papers, he said. Arancon was very excited about having a grand-daughter though, and had just left to go and see her. Kestrae at the mage school was taking care of her, which was something a relief. I’ve met her a few times and she’s always seemed nice, and in all honesty is probably better at caring for babies than my brother is. But then of course she wouldn’t be my niece at all, not even a little bit. I’m a little disappointed about that.

Everyone already knows here, word travels fast. Vellira said we should call Arancon “Gramps” and I think it’s starting to catch on. While I was practicing, Sunashe asked if I wanted any children. I told him I had never really given it much thought, which is true. I suppose someday, but that day is probably a very long way off. I’m not married, not even close. Could I see myself married to him? I honestly don’t know. He’s nice, but most of the time he just doesn’t seem that interested. I mean he wants to go camping, but I mean just talking or spending time together. And he said he’d let the baby ride on the lizard’s back. What a terrible idea! Then he was talking about getting it a saddle, like that would make it safer. I know he doesn’t eat meat, but he still has very sharp teeth and could accidentally hurt a baby. Worse, that tail could knock the baby over, the fully grown ones are several feet long. I wonder if the Captain tries to give Rylad rides on his cat. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he does.

It’s still far too cold to camp, though he did suggest that we go to the inn in town. The really awful one in Tranquillien. It would be better than freezing, but not a lot. Then he said maybe they have a room at the school. That sounds a lot better, and maybe I could see the baby too. The baby that isn’t really my niece anymore. Or maybe she is. I’m not sure just yet. I’m curious to see how Sunashe is with her, too.


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  1. This was great. You possess a really captivating style of writing, I love it! I’m also a writer. I take real life experiences and turn them into tales based on real characters and places. It would be great if you could read one of my posts and give me some feedback on my work, I’d really appreciate it!

    Keep up the fantastic writing!

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