[OOC] I still hate Garrisons… and this time I’m not alone.

Way back in June of last year, when I first got into beta, I expressed my long list of dissatisfactions with the garrison system, and my worries about how it would affect the game  in the long-term. There were a handful of others who did the same, most notably a little gnome priest who did an experiment: leveling one character with a garrison and one without, and comparing the experience. It turned out that it was impossible to quest to 100 without doing garrison-related quests. Anyway, most people on the beta forum disagreed, a lot. We were downvoted, told we were being too negative, that we just needed to wait and see, that Blizzard knew what they were doing.

Well, it’s now two months into the expansion. Let’s see what people on the general forum and MMO-C have to say about garrisons, shall we? (Btw, these are all different people posting, and no, none of them are me.)

garrisonssuck2 garrisonsuck1

garrisosnsucks4I mean yeah, maybe a little bit of this is “I told you so”, but I don’t want the game to be bad. I want it to be fun. But I honestly am not sure how it can be fixed at this point.

For me personally, adding flying would at least give me more incentive to go “outside” more; I used to do archaeology on raid nights while waiting for raid to start. I can’t do that anymore, it’s just too time consuming. I’d also hunt rares, can’t do that either, because once I’ve killed a rare it no longer drops anything for me.


2 Responses to [OOC] I still hate Garrisons… and this time I’m not alone.

  1. I can truly sympathize with you and find myself logging in less and less on my Draenor characters.

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