[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I don’t know what changed Hethurin’s mind. After avoiding me all week, he found me up in the tower in the reading room. I don’t think he was looking for me specifically, he seemed surprised that I was up there. But he stayed and talked anyway. I really don’t like when he avoids me like that, and it’s not like a normal person where you can just look around the house, even if it’s big. He can make portals and be invisible, so really the only time he’s going to be found is if he wants to be.

The strangest thing is that he said he wanted to keep the medal after all. Except I’d already taken it back to my mother. I tried to explain to her, but I might have cried some and I’m not sure if she really understood. But she put it away in a safe place. It’s still mine, she’s just holding onto it for me because I don’t really want it here right now, it reminds me of too much. So I can’t just go back and ask for it again, besides I’m not really sure what changed his mind. Hethurin said he wasn’t ready then, but I suspect that he might have talked to someone who convinced him to accept it. Probably the Confessor, or maybe even Aeramin. He did say that he talked to Aeramin, but from the way it sounded, Aeramin wasn’t very helpful. I guess it would be pretty weird giving relationship advice to your ex. It just seems like someone told him he should take it, not that he actually wants it. But I didn’t get him another present yet, I don’t really know what he wants. He has enough money that he can just buy anything, which is why I gave him the medal. It isn’t something that anyone else has, and it was special.

I was reading a book that the Confessor suggested to me, it’s supposed to help you figure out problems with your relationship. I think it’s supposed to be for girls, but I figured most of the stuff still applies anyway. There were a bunch of questions and things you are supposed to talk about with the other person. I figure it would be good to bring while we go fishing. Hethurin wants to do that again, and since I don’t have any decorations to work on, we can talk more. He seemed excited about that, which is a good sign. Whoever talked to him did a good job of changing his mind. I wish I could!

Last night he went into the city to get some things before the students come back to classes. Tik and I have been cleaning all this week and fixing up the practice rooms. They needed some small repairs, and all of the supplies needed restocking. I haven’t the first clue which things to buy for that, which is why Hethurin went. I mean, he might write “lizard eyes” but then if you get newt eyes instead or something, it’s all wrong and it won’t work. Magic is complicated. Anyway, he said that one of the shops in town was giving away free cake so he got some. He said it was white cake with berry filling, but he said it wasn’t as good as mine. I hope he’s not just saying that to make me feel better. I think it would be nice to have a cake shop one day, though I’m not sure if there’s much business for cakes here. Maybe once more people start moving in. He said that if he was a cake, he’d be a white cake with manaberry filling and cream frosting. I’m going to make that one for him tonight. We still have a lot of manaberry jam left over from the last time we went to Shattrath.


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