[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

Last night a girl just showed up at the quarters, wanting to join up. To be honest, I haven’t put up any posters in a long time, though I guess it’s time that I did. She must have seen one of the older ones, they’re still in Tranquillien and there must be some in Silvermoon, unless they are covered up by now. The funny thing is she said that people in Silvermoon had heard of us. Really? We’re such a small group, I found that kind of hard to believe. I asked what she’d heard and she said we were “respectable”, which is even funnier. I guess we do have some experienced veterans, Nessna and Sunashe mainly, but I never really thought of us as respectable. I admit that it’s nice to hear.

I asked her about her training, and it seems that she’s had a fair amount. She said that her parents and grandparents were all rangers. So at the very least she should have some equipment and know how to use it. Sunashe is going to watch her practice and see how much training she needs. If there’s not much, I can add her onto someone’s patrol right away, maybe with Perothis. I guess it depends on her skill level. It’s a little odd because we have one extra now and I don’t want to send anyone alone, so there can be one group of three. I’ll have to see where she seems to fit in. I hope the girls welcomed her, I’m not too worried about that though. Vellira and Lin are both generally friendly and I think they’ll appreciate having someone else to talk to. Sorrowmoss isn’t much for conversation. We did warn the new girl — Kavia, that’s her name — about her and Orledin. She seemed a little wary, but we reassured her that they are part of the team and won’t cause any trouble. Also, I think the mention of fresh bread and cookies helped a fair amount. Once she tries them, she’ll like Orledin I’m sure.

Sunashe was telling me about a book that Lin had, I tried to ask Nessna about it but she looked at me like I was crazy. I’m not the one who came up with that crazy stuff, talk to the author! She said that she didn’t have any books like that, but Lani probably did. She thought Lani actually had the same books that Sunashe was talking about. The new girl — Kavia — said she’d heard of them too. Apparently they’re very popular and lots of girls read them. I don’t really see the point but Kavia said it was just a way to pass the time, so I guess that makes sense. They could be doing something productive like learning to carve or paint or something though! Speaking of which, Rylad has wanted to sleep out in his miniature house. We’ve tried to explain that it’s too cold for that right now, but he can as soon as the weather warms. I guess that means he really likes it! We haven’t had any snow yet, but it’s been rainy and chillingly cold, and some mornings there is ice over the puddles and on the tree branches. I’m sure we’ll get some soon.

It’s a relief that Nessna doesn’t think about dragons that way. If Lin actually does, that’s a bit weird.


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