[Art] Fen’Harel Sketch

I’m still not finished on the moonkin but he’s in the final stages, so I thought I’d start planning my next one. I had planned to do a wolf, probably a werewolf, but I thought Fen’Harel might be a fun challenge.



This is just a rough sketch of course, but it tells me that he will need to be quite large. The issue with clay-head plush is their heads tend to be quite heavy, even hollow. Because of this he will most likely need to be posed in a sitting position, for this I’d like him to have a flexible spine so his head can bend. I have experimented with full skeletons before, but they’re a bit difficult to pattern around and I think the joints would work just fine in this case.

Additionally, a quick search online doesn’t find the particular kind of fur I want for his long parts, so I am going to experiment with airbrushing this guy as well. It should be an adventure!


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