[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

I’m at home in Silvermoon for the next few days, likely all of the break really. I think everyone else is going away too, so it’d be pretty boring to be the only person at school. I might as well stay here, though the food’s not as good and I have to put up with my annoying family. That sounds mean, I don’t really intend it to be, it’s just that Tik’s a real chef or something. And my family has been kind of annoying since they found out about Xarola. I wouldn’t have even said anything except for the fact that I needed her present, and that’s when all the questions started. I know I’d mentioned her before a little, but I guess now that I’m getting her something it’s super serious and they all need to know about it. I know they’re mostly just curious but still! Some of that stuff is none of their business. Like my sister wanted to know if we’ve kissed. I didn’t answer her at first but she just kept pestering me about it, so finally I told her that we did and then she went and told Mother and Father. Like I was in trouble or something. My mother told me that I have to bring her over for dinner one time. I don’t know if it’s that serious! My father told me not to do anything more than kissing. I thought my ears were going to burn off! He said that in front of everyone! I think he was joking, but still. It was really embarrassing.

When I told Xarola about that at the party, she got kind of upset. She said she wasn’t like that, which I know. I don’t think she is, and I don’t think my father meant it like that, but she was upset anyway. So now I have to explain to him that she’s not, which is going to be pretty awkward. But she’s right, he shouldn’t be suggesting that she’s like that. She doesn’t have any siblings, so she doesn’t know about all the teasing and stuff. She said that sisters are supposed to share clothes and make-up and talk about nice things. I’m sure they probably do that with other girls, but she definitely doesn’t do that with me. My sister is older, but not too much older, so I think she and Xarola could be friends like that if she wanted. If she’s never had a sister she might like it especially, I just hope she doesn’t ask my sister every embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. Xarola seemed surprised by that idea but I’m pretty sure my sister will tell her anyway. It’s just a thing that sisters do.

I did tell them that she liked the perfume a lot though. She said it was the best perfume she ever smelled and she recognized some of the flowers that I used. She asked if she can stop by the stand sometime during break. At first I thought it was because she needed to exchange it or something, but she said she wants to see me. It’ll only be a few days that we’re on break, but I guess we’re used to seeing each other every day. We always eat lunch together and usually always study together. I mean actual studying. So it’ll be nice to see her just for a little while, I hadn’t planned to work at the stand but I guess I will now! I can bring a book with me or something. Maybe one of those that she reads at the school, I know my sister has some of them.

She got me all sorts of different teas, I’m going to try one each day to figure out which one I like the best. Then I’ll get a big container of that kind. I should have asked if she made them herself, if she did then maybe I could help her get the ingredients for it. That would be a good excuse to go on more walks together.

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