[Story] The Winter Veil Ball – Ordinicus

There were never any parties in Shadowmoon. I think I’m still getting used to the idea, though we’re far removed from the city still, it’s a lot different than how I lived before. I imagine if I’d never left for Outland, I’d be an expert at these sort of things by now. I don’t regret anything though, I enjoy the work we’re doing and I like the other guys I work with. Hethurin is all right to work for too, he’s a bit picky sometimes but he doesn’t treat us badly like the guests used to. I think about how they are doing back at the inn sometimes, whether it’s even still running. I’d guess it’s probably not; we were barely holding on even back then. And that was before they discovered the new portal. Kestrae says a lot of people have gone through that one. Does the same inn exist there? Are there still holes in the roof? I don’t know. I think she’d like to go and find out, some day. I’d like to go with her, but there’s still so much to do here. It seems the more we finish, the more people want to hire us. Which isn’t a bad problem to have, really. I’ll be able to save up more than enough if we decide to move somewhere else.

There are still several houses on the Academy grounds to fix up, then I overheard the ranger captain talking to Hethurin about having some cabins added on to the ranger site. Even if he were to wait until spring, we’ll likely still be busy then as that’s when everyone wants to start building. I thought about going over but I didn’t, mostly because I don’t want to cause any problems between him and Kestrae. I think things are mostly smoothed over, and he seems like a reasonable enough guy, but it’s probably better that I don’t interfere. Anyway, he said he might have them work on it themselves if we’re not available. I wonder what Kestrae would think if I was working on the rangers’ site. They must be getting a lot of new people if they are needing to add on already. That got Kes to talking about children again. It doesn’t help that seemingly every woman around here is expecting. I never know what to say about it, I mean, I still don’t feel we’re secure enough to be ready for something like that. Being here still feels a little temporary, and I admit that I still have a few doubts about her research. I think as long as she took precautions it would be okay but it does worry me a bit. I haven’t the first clue how to take care of one, either. I’m not sure if I’m prepared for that, but then again maybe no one is. Thankfully she didn’t press the subject too much but I know it’ll come up again, probably sooner than later.

We took home a whole plate of food. I hope Tik made a lot of extra, because I think everyone else did too. They sure went all out for this party. I hope they at least had some time to enjoy it.


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