[Story] The Ghostclaw – The Winter Veil Ball

The ball was nice. I can’t really compare it to last year’s, because I didn’t go. Speaking of that, Gael was there too, with his mage. I don’t think he noticed me at all though, he definitely didn’t say anything. But even compared to the other balls I’ve been to, it was nice. I really should have bought a new dress though. Everyone else’s looked so nice, even Im was wearing a robe! I hadn’t really thought about it until the day of, and by then it was too late of course. I only really have three dresses, and I thought this one would be the most appropriate because it was red and gold. But everything was decorated in blue and silver, so I didn’t match at all. Des had a really nice dress. She and Pero are going for a little trip soon, and it’s all that he can talk about. I can’t blame him for being excited about it, though.

Sunashe couldn’t bring my gift along to the ball, because he said it was too big. I made him try to guess what his gift was, I told him it was something useful. So he guessed things like lizard food and bowstring wax. He said that he always needed that, so then I thought that maybe he’d just bought me a giant box of wax. I wasn’t in too big of a hurry to get back and see my gift in that case. I think he liked the watch, he said he’d never had anything so nice before. I never did figure out what to put on it, I thought maybe my initials or something, but I don’t know. This way I can add something later on if I ever decide. There weren’t any with lizards, but I did find one with a dragon engraved on the front, that’s close enough I hope. There’s also a little place where he could put a picture if he likes. I said we could read the book while we went camping. I guess Nessna was right, I could have just gone camping with him and I think he’d have been happy with that, but it didn’t feel enough like a gift. I wanted to get him an actual thing he could keep.

We stayed for a while, the food was all really delicious and the cake was amazing too. I thought the snowflakes were just decorations but they were made of sugar and you could actually eat them! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to make those. We danced for a while too, he’s quite a good dancer which I guess I didn’t expect. I mean, we’ve danced before but it always surprises me a little, I don’t know why. He’s always polite and says that I am too, even though I know I’m terrible. The Matron made us take lessons but they were very rare and I think we mostly forgot everything in between anyway. I should write her and tell her they’ve gone to good use, at least.

He didn’t get me wax though, back at the ranger building he got me a vase with flowers, and a whole set of dishes. I can tell that they must have cost a lot, they’re made of good porcelain and very delicate. The best part is that they have little moths on them; around the edges of the plates and on the mugs and saucers. I’ve never seen a set with moths on them so he must have had them custom made. I can’t imagine how much he must have spent on them! Even to get flowers this time of year is very expensive, because they have to be brought in from other places or grown in a greenhouse. They feel way too fancy for here, and I wasn’t sure when I’d ever be able to use them, then he told me that the captain is building some cabins and we could stay in them. We, as in us living together. He didn’t even really ask, it was just sort of decided. I’m not sure if I want that just yet, I tried to say it was too soon but he said we’re practically living together already. Except we’re not, because I can always go back to my bed if I want to, or if things don’t work out. Living together is a lot different and we’d see each other all the time, good and bad. I’m afraid of getting too involved and having something bad happen, it’s happened plenty of times before. He says he wouldn’t do that but I don’t think anyone ever plans for something like that to happen. I agreed to at least give it a try, because they haven’t even been built yet, it probably wouldn’t even be ready until the spring. Maybe by then I’ll feel better about it. I wish there was a way to know if everything will be all right.


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