[Story] Winter Veil Postcards – Imralion

“Aeramin?” Imralion knocked on the door of the bathroom again, but there was no answer. “At least say something so I know you’re still in there.”

“I’m fine,” Aeramin answered through the door. “I’ll just be a few minutes.” Imralion knew that neither of those things were probably true; for one, Aeramin had been in the bathroom since that morning when the package had been delivered on their doorstep. For another, it was from his father. Though it was obviously a sword from the shape of the package, it wasn’t just any sword. It was a family heirloom, one that had been passed down through many generations of Firewinds and had now finally been given to Aeramin. Imralion couldn’t remember him having ever mentioned it before, but judging from his father’s note, it was important to him once. Imralion couldn’t think of what to say that could help. He didn’t know his own father, knew nothing about him other than his surname — which wasn’t much help either, as it was extremely common. All of his interactions with Arancon had left him with a very bad opinion of the man, and he could only imagine what Aeramin had endured growing up. Now he thought he could make all that go away with a present? It was a nice gesture, maybe, but it wasn’t really enough.

Imralion hadn’t even given Aeramin his gift yet, and he was worried that he wouldn’t be in the mood for getting them now anyway. He’d had a difficult time choosing a gift. They had been together almost two years now, long enough that shopping for each other should be simple. Last year Aeramin had got him a ring, but he hadn’t really been ready for anything like that. Imralion felt that this year he was, but he couldn’t give Aeramin the same gift again. It would be tacky. In the city he’d bought a set of high quality cookware, because Aeramin cooked for them often and really seemed to enjoy it. There was also a stack of books of varying subjects, some of which he’d chosen because he thought Aeramin would find them interesting, and others they’d have to keep in the bookshelf in their room. Last year he’d bought Aeramin a set of paints, but he wasn’t sure if he really liked them or if they reminded him too much of his mother. But Imralion did buy a large box of fancy chocolates, as well. Maybe he could get the ring in the spring.

Lin wasn’t easy to buy for either. He’d ended up getting her a new pair of boots, very similar to her old pair. It was a pretty boring gift, but at least it would be useful and her feet would be warm on patrol. If she was still seeing that ranger, he ought to get her something nice — hopefully not another pair of boots.

Imralion put his ear to the door again. Aeramin hadn’t teleported out; he could still hear him in there, though he was very quiet. He went and got a pillow to sit on while he waited.


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