[Story] Winter Veil Postcards – Raleth

Raleth tied the skeleton key to a length of ribbon, carefully arranging the tails of the bow to be even. The rest of the ribbon held a stack of books, neatly ordered by size. The books were to help her prepare for her new teaching position at the academy; while she was quite skilled in the magical arts for her age, there was a great deal she didn’t yet know about sin’dorei history. Or mathematics. Or any other number of subjects that she’d be expected to teach to the younger students. Raleth had assured Hethurin that Lali was up to the task, because he knew she was. She was an exceptionally fast learner, and very motivated to prove that she was capable. He’d also promised Lali that he would help her go over the material, and chosen books that he thought would make the subjects easy for her to understand. They didn’t need to go into great depth, after all these were only the most general of classes. Though they already had several bookshelves, he’d have to get one just for her school books. That would have to wait until she saw her other gift, though.

The key was to a house back in the woods in the Ghostlands. It was along the road from the rangers’ quarters to the school, though set back on a small private trail that was easy to miss. Raleth had chosen that intentionally; he was nervous about bringing Lali here as it was. He’d chosen this house for its relative privacy as well as its size — aside from the large bedroom there were three smaller rooms. That was room enough for Naraleth to have his own room when he was old enough, and two study rooms. Like most of the properties in the Ghostlands, it would need a great deal of work before they could actually live in it, but Hethurin assured him that he could hire the workers once they were finished at the school. It would most likely be in the spring, once the weather warmed a bit. Raleth hoped that Lali could see its potential, though it was in poor repair now. He hadn’t decided yet whether they’d keep the little place in Shattrath, or sell or rent it. That was something they’d need to discuss. Raleth knew Shattrath well enough now that he could open a portal to nearly any part of it, should the need rise.

Naraleth’s present was impossible to wrap, so he settled on a ribbon tied around the neck. It was a wooden horse, carved all in one piece with an armored saddle and helmet. It looked a bit like a blood knight’s steed, which it was probably intended to be. The woodcarver had showed him a hawkstrider one, but Raleth hesitated. Was Naraleth a sin’dorei or a kaldorei? Raleth wasn’t sure, and he thought it best to let him decide when he was older, rather than trying to push him in one direction or another. He thought the horse was neutral enough. It had wheels in the base, so it could be pushed along with Naraleth’s feet. The smooth stone floors in the new house would be an ideal place for Naraleth to ride.


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