[Screenshots] Ashran

In beta I played a fair amount of Ashran and enjoyed it, and likewise I’ve been spending a lot of time there in live. It’s probably not so good if you’re melee, but I am having a total blast healing the mob. It’s pretty fun on my Horde hunter too, but the queue on that side is really awful. It’s going to take him ages to get his titles for that reason alone. Also, it always seems like there’s far more Horde, which makes getting kills easier on Alliance side. I’ve already finished three of my Nemesis quests, and about 1/4 done with a fourth.

Here’s me reaching exalted. I mostly wanted this for the neat title (Sword of Wrynn), unfortunately it’s currently not account wide. It doesn’t really fit Ornasse IC!


And yeah, that’s pretty much what it always looks like — total chaos!

One of the fun things are class-specific books that give you special abilities for an hour. For instance Paladins have a spell that can send opposing players to their base’s “jail”. I cracked up when I had it used on me — but it was a smart move because I was healing like crazy! For druids, you can get a book of flight form. It just made me sad about not being able to fly everywhere in Draenor. I will say it was great to getting to the rares on time though.



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