[Story] Winter Veil Postcards – Sath’alor

Sath’alor’s first stop in Silvermoon was his father’s market stall. Some months ago he had put in the order for the rangers’ gifts, and he could pick them up today. There was a sturdy leather pack for each of them, made to Sath’alor’s exact specifications. They had a strap so they could be carried without hands, across the back, and were large enough to carry a lunch as well as other supplies. He’d asked for many little pockets and hidden places to hide things, though it made the pattern more complicated, everyone likes little pockets and hidden places. While he waited for his father to fetch the packs from the back of the stall, he answered all of his mother’s many questions. How is Nessna? She’s doing well. Is she having another baby? Not that I know about. How are the rangers? They’re doing well. Have you seen your sister? Yes, she works at the healers’ building in town.

He had finished the last touches on Rylad’s gift last night, painting the doors and trims with a cheery red paint. It really was a nice little house, thanks to Gael’s instructions. Sath’alor had never built much of anything before, so it was a daunting task at first, but he became more comfortable with it as he went along. All he really had to do was follow the blueprints, and it turned out all right. It had a front door that opened and closed, and a miniature window on each wall, with real glass panels. Those had to be specially ordered, because most people didn’t make windows that small. Nessna had helped pick out the furniture for inside; there was a little cot to sleep on if he wanted a nap, and a tiny table and chair, painted the same red as the trim. He hoped he would be as excited about playing in it as Sath’alor had been to make it. And it was large enough that he could play in it for several years yet.

Nessna’s bow was ready to be picked up, and it was even more beautiful than Sath’alor had imagined it would be. The wood was a bright silvery color, almost luminescent. He could already imagine how it would look under the moonlight, and how well it would go along with her armor. It was impossible to wrap a bow, of course, but he had brought along a blanket to put it under. It seemed a shame to hide it, even for a little while.

Though he’d already got gifts for the rangers, there were two for whom he had planned a bit something extra. For Orledin, he bought a little collar, made of finely woven strands of silk in varying shades of blue. The little silver tag was engraved with his cat’s name, “Pancat”. Arancon was a bit more difficult. He knew he wanted to buy him something, but he wasn’t sure just what. Sath’alor was really proud of how well he’d been able to avoid drinking, and impressed with the progress he’d made already. In a way, he was proof that Sath’alor had been right to trust him, to give him another chance. In one of the stalls, he found a small painting of a phoenix, rising up before the dawn sky. As soon as he saw it, Sath’alor knew that it was perfect.



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