[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Journal

The trip to Shattrath went well enough, even if it was strange having Hethurin missing — and Des and Renner. From what I’ve later learned, he was eager to investigate a temporal anomaly related to the chronomancy he’s been studying. While interesting, I don’t see how it was such an emergency that he had to drop this trip! But, it all turned out well enough. The students were all well-behaved for the most part. I am a bit worried about Keyalenn though; he wasn’t pulling any pranks but it seems his focus has been lost again. I shall talk with him about it, but ultimately it’s his own decision whether to keep progressing in his studies or not. I very much hope he does, as he’s an excellent frost student when he works at it. I’m quite sure it involves that ranger girl again, she came to the masked ball with one of the male rangers and they were dancing. He must have seen it, and that’s the reason for his disinterest in his work.

Magister Firewind was giving lessons during the day, but in the evenings he returned home so it was mostly just me to entertain all of the students. They’d already spent most of the day in the library, so that was out, but there aren’t many suitable places for students in Shattrath. We visited the temple to see the naaru one night, and I took them to one section of the market that I know isn’t too bad, and even the orphanage. But ultimately in the end I let the older ones have some freedom, they’re nearly adults at any rate and so long as neither I nor Hethurin know about it, not much damage could be done. Right? But Vaildor is another matter, he’s far too young to be roaming around the city on his own. I promised Hethurin (and Lani) to keep a close watch on him, but I think he found everything on my tour terribly boring. He did find the bird people intriguing however, and wanted to make sketches of them. I hope they didn’t mind, they didn’t seem to anyway. Vaildor seems to go between extreme interest and total disinterest very quickly, I’m not sure if that’s just his personality or if it’s common to all kids his age. In the market I showed him the stand that sold paper and different sorts of pencils, and he liked that very much. I think he would have spent all day there, but we didn’t have that sort of time. The rest of the afternoon he was sullen and couldn’t find interest in anything else. He may be upset about being left behind too, but I don’t feel that I know him well enough to ask about his personal troubles. I did my best to ensure that he enjoyed his trip, though I’m sure he would say it was completely boring.

Now that Mae has passed her exams, I wonder if we’ll get a new student. Des must be close to taking hers, as well. Lali will begin her lessons after the winter break, she’s so excited about it. She has all of her books and supplies in neat stacks, though Naraleth undoes her organizing almost as soon as she finishes it. I hope that means he’ll be interested in school when he’s older!


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