[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I know I haven’t written in ages! Between setting up the house and getting ready for the baby I haven’t had much time to do anything at all. I was also feeling rather awful most days, at least until after lunch or so, but I’m doing better now. The downside is that I’m starving all the time! I mean I can eat an entire full meal and still be ready for more. I’m glad Tik doesn’t mind, in fact I think he secretly likes that someone wants to eat that much of his food, especially since Magister Fairsong hardly ever does. The baby’s room is mostly ready now, though there’s still a few more decorations I’d like to get, and maybe some books or soft toys. And we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, so I have to be careful about what we get! It really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think Gael is especially worried about carrying on his family name, so he won’t be disappointed if it’s a girl. A girl would be nice because we could wear matching dresses when she’s older… but a boy would be nice too because he could go on patrol and help Gael work on houses. I haven’t thought of a name yet. I think Lani was surprised when I said that, but then she’s had way more time to plan this! I’ve thought of some, but I keep changing my mind. I am going to borrow some books from the library and see if any of the characters have good names to give me ideas.

That is one thing I’m a little worried about, not the name but the planning. All of this happened really soon so Gael and I haven’t had much time to just be alone together. The baby will be here in just a few months and then we’ll both be so busy that I worry I won’t get any time with him. Then I realize that’s kind of selfish and the baby deserves to have a lot of time with him too. And of course I don’t regret it or anything, but I do think about it sometimes. Maybe we’ll be lucky and our baby will like to sleep! I guess we do have years and years ahead of us, but I already had to wait so long to live with him!

Lani is worried about Vaildor in Shattrath. I am sure he’s just fine, with both Magister Firewind and Magister Raleth looking after him. Magister Raleth has a child so he knows what to do, he wouldn’t just let Vaildor go wandering off wherever! It is a little worrisome that Magister Fairsong took off the way he did though. At the very last minute, he took Des and Renner with him somewhere else, but he wouldn’t say where. Terellion went with him too. Of all of them, I’m the most worried about him because he’s probably my best friend here at the school. If something bad has happened I don’t know what I’d do. The students are due back from Shattrath tomorrow, but no one knows when Magister Fairsong will be back.

Since things have calmed down here a bit, Gael has been doing some extra work again. Which is good, because we need the money to buy things for the baby! We still need to get diapers, and some more outfits once we know if it’s a boy or a girl. And if I’m being honest, I am going to need some new robes. I can’t get away with wearing my old ones anymore right now, it’s way too tight and I can’t breathe. You can definitely see it now and it feels a little weird because now it’s actually real. The baby moves around a lot too, Gael is so excited and always wants to feel him or her. It’s strange to think we’ll be able to see what the baby looks like soon! I hope it looks like Gael! The winter ball is coming up and I’d really like to be able to go, but I’ll need a dress that’s larger, at least in the front. Last year’s was so beautiful but I didn’t get to dance with him then — in fact I didn’t even know he existed yet. I’m sure he was probably there; the other rangers were, though I guess some of them hadn’t joined up yet. Anyway, he’s helping the captain to build a little playhouse for his son as a gift. It’s going to be so cute! I definitely want one for our baby when he or she is old enough! He’s also building a couple of cabins on the ranger property. I’m not sure if they are for guests, or if they have so many people that they’re running out of room. Either way, it’s nice because it’s extra money but I do miss having him here as much. He’s so funny, he’ll ask me at least five times before he leaves if it’s okay to go. I am fine! But I love that he is so worried about us.


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