[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

We’ve been here for a few days now. I’m not sure if it’s one of those portals where we go back to the same time, or not. I guess I could ask, but usually I don’t understand the answer anyway, so I just go along with it. I don’t really mind if time passes differently here or not, then I’d be older when we go back. I suggested it once, but Hethurin said that it would make me lose track or something. Doesn’t everyone? I don’t see how that’s so bad.

The place we’re staying now wouldn’t be so bad, except that there are orcs everywhere. The last place had that too, except there were also a lot of bugs, especially mosquitos. The orcs gave us some stuff to put on so the bites wouldn’t itch as much, but it smelled so disgusting that I thought I would die. Plus it didn’t really work anyway. I suspect they just were trying to get us to put that nasty stuff on us. There were also big plant creatures, which were kind of scary. Normally you don’t think about plants much, but when it’s big enough to pick you up and grab you, it’s a different perspective. The place we’re at now is like a big open prairie with a lot of animals. We’re staying in the orc town, inside one of their little huts. It’s slightly better than the tents, but there are still no doors, or any walls on the inside. I’m pretty sure there are no baths either, though there are at least streams. These ones aren’t frozen, either, so I could go wash if I didn’t mind a hundred animals and orcs watching me.

It feels weird not being able to bake. The food here isn’t so great, and I think it would make everyone happier if they could have some nice dessert. The orcs don’t have the proper kind of oven for baking — they just have a stick to put meat on over a fire, and some kettles. Even if they did have an oven, there’s no place to get the right ingredients. All we’ve seen is meat, and a few different kinds of roots. I definitely cannot make a cake with that. I said that maybe Renner could go catch a clefthoof for us, but he’d have no way to get it back to the village. And we couldn’t go eat it there I guess either. Hopefully the next place we go will have better food, and I’ll be back in my kitchen in a few days. I’ll have to make a really big cake when we get back!

We talked about the winter ball too. I’m trying to think of a good present for him, but he says he just wants cake. That’s not enough! It should be something really good. He says I know the one thing he wants, which I do. I just don’t really know how to go about it. I can’t buy a ring  unless I use his own money, which would be weird. Maybe I could hide it inside something else, I don’t know. I have to think about it some more. He asked what I wanted, too. I said maybe some good baking pans would be nice, and he was talking about getting gold-plated ones. I don’t know if gold is good for baking or not! I also thought some pajamas would be nice, for when it gets cold. We could wear them in front of the fire, they could even match! I think they would be comfortable. He also paid for my mother’s rent again. I said that we should go and have dinner with her soon, I know she’d like to see me and she likes Hethurin too. I think she’d really enjoy that. I could make a special cake for that too, and maybe get presents for my sisters. I haven’t seen them in so long!


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