[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I’ve started working on Rylad’s fort. I probably annoyed Gael with all of my questions, but I wanted to make sure I was building it right and wouldn’t have to start all over again. Though, I think he liked the idea and might make one for his own kid, once he or she is old enough. I thought about building it up in a tree, but I’m pretty sure Nessna wouldn’t go for that. Maybe when he’s a few years older, she’ll let me. For now it’ll be on the ground though, in the yard of the ranger building so he can play in it while I’m working. It’ll have a door and windows, and a little table inside so he can eat his lunch or whatever. Maybe a cot as well, if he wants to have a nap. It’s going to be really great! The only difficult part is going to be keeping it hidden from Rylad while I’m working on it, because it’s supposed to be a surprise. I’ve been working on it at night while he’s asleep, but then I have to hammer and stuff which might wake him. Maybe I can do it up at the school or something, I bet Hethurin would like one for his playroom that he’s making.

Sunashe is back from his trip. He was a lot more subdued about it than I expected, I mean I thought he’d be grinning like a fool. I know I would have been. He didn’t seem to want to talk about it at all, I mean even in very general terms. I guess I can understand that, I sure don’t want to tell the guys every detail either. Then again, maybe nothing happened and he’s too embarrassed to admit it, so he wants us to think it did. I don’t know. Either way, I hope things work out between them so it’s not awkward around here. It was bad enough when she and Gael were mad at each other. I also know that if things work out, I’ll have to make some other kind of arrangements for them, and Ty and Vellira too. Nobody likes having to sneak around, and getting an inn all the time will get too expensive. If they’re going to be together for a long time, I should think about making some rooms for them. If I had enough money, I’d buy up some of the houses nearby, but unfortunately I don’t. I wonder if Nessna could talk Hethurin into it? I bet he has enough. Arancon mentioned that Aeramin still has his house in town, maybe he’d be willing to rent it to us. He’ll probably charge a lot, but it could be good for a temporary solution. There’s two bedrooms, so Ty and Sunashe could each have one. The town isn’t very far away, so they could easily make it back for their patrols. But maybe it would be better if I built some small cabins onto the property. They wouldn’t be full houses, but big enough for two to sleep, along with maybe a small kitchen and bath. We’d just have to clear out some more of the trees and brush, but that wouldn’t be too hard. I’m kind of afraid to ask Gael about it though, he’s probably tired of all my questions.

The winter ball is coming up soon, Sunashe suggested that I should just buy Nessna a dress. He said maybe she doesn’t wear them because she hates shopping. I am pretty sure that’s not the case, and I think she’d be upset with me if I did that. I’d never force her to wear one, I just would like to see it sometime. But I won’t if she really doesn’t want to. I told Sunashe that he needs to get Lin something, but he had no clue what to get her. How can you be seeing a girl — and go camping with her — and have no idea what she likes? I reminded him about the moth vase that I suggested before, and he seemed to like it. I hope he’ll be able to think of his own ideas though, or she’ll probably get annoyed with him. I’ll be going to pick up Nessna’s bow this week. I need to find a good hiding spot for it!



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