[OOC] Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition came out this week, but I haven’t posted about it. That’s because I haven’t bought it. As a Dragon Age fan, I was very much looking forward to the game — until I started finding out more about it. A part of me still wants my problems with it to someday get fixed, but I know that’s not very realistic. I want to play it, and like it, but there are just too many negatives for me to justify paying actual money for it.

  • Terrrible controls and UI on the PC. Many reviews that I’ve read talk about this, that the UI and controls were made with the intent of playing with a controller, and don’t translate well onto the PC. There is no auto-attack button, you must constantly hold down the left mouse button, and/or spam attacks as quickly as you can. Objects and party members can’t be clicked on, you must tab. There are no tooltips on the action bars, and what skills you do have are stripped down and simplified. Mages went from four distinct schools of magic, with various spells, to four spells. Which brings me to my next point —
  • No healing mages. The entire spirit school, well established in previous Dragon Age lore, is somehow just missing now. All damage reduction is done with barrier spells and potions, of which you are limited to carry 8 at one time. Apparently, some people didn’t like feeling “forced” to bring along mage companions. Well, you never were “forced” to, you could always make do with potions before — and you weren’t limited in the amount you could carry! I always enjoy playing healing roles in RPGs, and I’m baffled that they would remove that choice from players. This is the number one reason I can’t pay for this game, in good conscience.
  • “Commander” style play. Wow, first they put this garbage into my WoW, now Dragon Age too? Command an army! Gather your minions! Collect armor bits to upgrade your outpost! No thanks. I don’t want to play army commander, I want to follow my own character’s story.
  • Grindy, MMO-style questing. For every 1 story quest, there are 9 “collect 10 bear butt” quests. These are used to improve your “power” (see above). ZZzzzzz.
  • Companions aren’t compelling to me. Not a single one of the companion characters interests me, they seem bland and boring. Granted, I haven’t had a chance to see them in action or anything, but shouldn’t at least one of them get me curious enough to meet them? The romance options are pretty dreadful too, and the only one that interests me in the slightest (Cassandra) is for males only, and I prefer to play females usually.
  • Freaking Varric. Sorry Varric fans, but I can’t stand him. It’s mostly the way he was forced onto me in DA:2 that has left me feeling disgruntled. He’s integral to the plot and always acts like he’s Hawke’s best pal, even though I can’t stand him. Worst, I can’t tell him to leave, kill him, or even go tell him to piss up a rope. The worst I can get is some mild disapproval. He’s still there, still acting like my best buddy. Go hump a muddy nug, Varric. I hate you.
  • Strange character graphics. The environmental graphics look great, but the character models range from muddy to shiny plastic. Especially the hair. The hair is just so bad. From what I’ve read, they don’t change expressions, either. What?!

So what are the good points? Ummmm, well I’m waiting for someone who has played it to tell me. Story, maybe, but I can just go onto youtube and watch clips for free. I’m so disappointed that this isn’t a game I’m even willing to try out. I’m just glad I read reviews before paying $70 for it.


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