[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Well, we didn’t get to go on our vacation together. Not exactly. Hethurin told me that he had to go with Des and Renner to study some portal, and at first he wanted me to go with the students to Shattrath and watch them. I don’t really mind doing it, but I was just kind of disappointed because I’d really been looking forward to spending time alone with him. I kind of got frustrated because it seems like he’s almost been avoiding me, and he finally admitted that he’s worried I am going to leave. I don’t know where he gets that idea from! I told him I wouldn’t, the only time I would is if he was kissing someone else, and he says he wouldn’t. So he has nothing to worry about. Then he said something about how I was the right one for him. I hope things will be a bit better now that we talked. I guess that would explain why he didn’t even want to eat my cake even though I made kinds I knew he would like, and without eggs too.

He let me go along with them for their study trip. Raleth and Magister Firewind are going to watch the students, they both know Shattrath really well so they’ll be good guides. I just hope they know not to let Vaildor go to the market alone. I wasn’t really sure what to expect for our trip, but I figured at least it would be a good chance to spend time with Hethurin. And also I figured he would need his guard along! It turns out there’s a ton of snow, and about a million orcs. There’s no elves here at all (besides us), just orcs. The place that we’re staying has buildings, sort of, but they’re not nice at all. There aren’t any bathtubs or beds and I guess the orcs just sleep on top of piles of fur or something. Actually there are some hammocks, but they don’t look very comfortable. We didn’t want to just eat conjured food so I went to look for something to eat. I’m not really a good hunter but I saw a lot of animals while we were riding there so I figured I could catch one of them. Normally I wouldn’t feel safe leaving Hethurin and Des with a bunch of orcs, but Renner was with them. If he was a normal elf I wouldn’t, but I know he’s not. If things get really bad, he can just eat the orcs or bite them in half or set them on fire or something. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

It took me a long time but I finally found a pig thing with spikes all over it. Hopefully it’s edible. Since there’s deep snow everywhere, I don’t know if there are any kinds of plants anywhere. Supposedly they grow some up in a cave, but I’m skeptical what kind of plants grow in a cave that are good to eat. The only thing I can think of is mushrooms, and I’m pretty sure Hethurin won’t eat those. I’m not a huge fan either. We may have to have conjured food until we can figure out what our plan is. Hethurin said we can travel to other places here, so hopefully it’s not this cold and full of orcs everywhere. I wish I’d known so I could have packed warmer clothes. The orcs let us use some furs but we’re afraid they might have fleas or something. They definitely have an orc smell to them.

It’s not all bad though, at least I get to be here. And I hope the next place has proper beds, hammocks aren’t very comfortable at all, and you can’t have more than one person in them.



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