[Story] Fairsong Academy – Zarah’s Visit

There was something else troubling Renner, other than his Timewalker’s odd behavior of late. When he wasn’t giving his lessons, he searched for it — whatever “it” was. Renner only knew that something, in some time, was off and it frustrated him that he could not find it. He’d see little ripples of it, now and then, like the circles of water on a still pond, after a pebble is dropped in. And it was by trying to follow these ripples that he aimed to find their source, but had so far been unsuccessful. At first he believed they were only a result of the recent trouble here in the Ghostlands, from Vaildor remaining in this time rather than his own. Renner tried to assure himself that this was the anomaly that he sensed.

He was wrong, of course. Zarah came to tell him so, with her own Timewalker in tow. They spoke in the garden, in their illusions. If any of the students noticed a human walking in the garden, they didn’t remark on it. Renner asked about Sanimir, how he was doing. What he really was asking was whether or not he’d be able to escape. Once again Zarah assured him that “the prisoner” (that’s what she called him) was perfectly well secured, that she’d visited and inspected the arcane prison herself and found it suitable. Quietly, Renner wasn’t certain that Zarah really knew what she was talking about when it came to arcane prisons, but she was very diligent and thorough, so if she felt it was suitable, it probably was. Zarah did admit that the mage wasn’t doing well; that isolation was having its effects on him, though she declined to say more. Renner felt, though she didn’t say it, that he was somehow at fault again.

When Zarah told him that a portal had been opened, he didn’t quite understand. Portals were opened all the time, they weren’t normally a problem. This one was though, she said, not to mention the countless people flitting back and forth through it. Wearily, Zarah said she would go and see what could be salvaged, but she was afraid it was a lost cause. Renner glanced to Lena, reading a book at the water’s edge. Would she be going with? He thought it would be a good learning opportunity for the Timewalkers, if nothing else. They also offered another pair of eyes, and often a fresh perspective. Renner thought that Des would be able to go along too, she was making good progress in her studies. If nothing else, it would be a far more interesting trip than going to see nether drakes.


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