[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Magister Firewind called me into his office to talk about my paper. I thought for sure I’d have failed but he said that I mixed up some things but overall it was pretty good. I know that talking to the other guys, they didn’t do so well. I didn’t want to make them feel worse so I didn’t tell them about mine. I was scared that he’d send us home or something, but Keyalenn said they won’t kick us out of school for one bad paper. Still, if you get enough bad papers, I’m sure they would. Keyalenn hopes his frost grade is enough to make up for it. He probably did pretty well in that class, while I do terrible in it. I guess it all evens out. Plus, Magister Raleth didn’t make us write a paper, we just had to do a written test and then some exercises. Arcane is also pretty difficult for me, but since Magister Fairsong has been away so much, we’re kind of behind in our lessons anyway. That means we’ve had more time to practice it, so my grade is probably than it would have been otherwise.

I guess Keyalenn’s father went and talked to Lin about marrying him. She hasn’t given him an answer yet and he’s thinking about going to the ranger building to see her. He wants to write her a song or a poem or something and sing it outside of her window. I’m not so sure if that’s such a good idea, I mean what if the rangers think he’s a scourge trying to attack and start shooting arrows at him? Keyalenn says scourge don’t talk, but I bet they would if they were trying to trick rangers. I wish I could write poems, it seems so difficult though. Keyalenn said it was really easy and everyone had to in his school. Yeah, but I didn’t go to a fancy expensive school like he did, we hardly had enough books for everyone at my school and they just wanted to make sure we knew how to read. So maybe it’s easy for him to write poems, but I don’t think it is. Plus, nothing rhymes with “beautiful”. He said he could say “eyes” or “hair” or something instead. I guess that would work. I don’t really know if she’s going to agree to it or not. It would be pretty weird if he was engaged. Keyalenn said he won’t actually get married until after he finishes school, and I guess Mae is married now but she’s passed her exams so she’s really not like a student anymore.

I thought about an idea to get Xarola for a present, last time I was at home I asked about them making up a blend just for her. I told my father some flowers that would be good to put into it, ones that I think she would like, so it’ll be her own personal perfume. No one else will have one exactly like it. It’s difficult because you never know for sure if someone will like it or not, everyone’s sense of smell is a little different.  But I hope she at least appreciates the thought.



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