[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I went shopping in town today while Nessna was out on her patrol. I put down the payment for her Winter Veil bow, I’ll have to pay the rest when it’s finished and I pick it up. It’s simply perfect, just like she is, and I had them put some blue accents on the fittings so it’ll match her armor. I hope she likes it. If she doesn’t, I guess I’ll save it for Rylad when he’s older! But I think she will. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get her a matching necklace as well, but I can save that for our anniversary or something. I still wanted to have enough left over for Rylad’s presents. I’m not sure what I’m going to get him just yet, I looked in the toy shop windows for ideas. They already have them set up with little miniature pine trees and fake snow. I bet he’d like going to look at them. I also bought some cocoa powder, and another canister of tea. It’s really getting chilly out in the woods at night, and warm drinks help a lot. The cocoa was actually Ty’s idea, but I know Rylad will like it as well. They’ll need to start lighting the fires in the sleeping quarters at night. Of course Orledin and Sorrowmoss don’t need it to be warm, but everyone else does. It makes the whole place more comfortable. And I try to treat them no different from anyone else, at the very least they must appreciate it being dry. Once your armor gets wet in the winter, it’s almost impossible to get it dry if you don’t have a good fire.

It turns out that Sunashe finally wrote his letter, and I guess it went well because he asked for a few days off. Obviously Lin will need some, too. It’s a bit easier since we’ve double patrols in some times now, so hopefully the other team won’t mind doing a bit extra for a few days. Then Perothis is going on his trip soon. One of these days I’m going to let someone else take one of Nessna’s morning patrols so she can sleep in. Though I’m hoping she won’t just want to sleep the whole time.

Everyone seems to be settling in well, and I’m really happy about that. I know it wasn’t my doing, it’s just fortunate that everyone seems to be getting along well with no major problems. I did get a chance to talk with Arancon. He’s improved so much since he got here, and that’s almost all thanks to Sunashe. Lani gave him the medicine, but Sunashe was the one who actually made sure he got it, and made him comfortable. They have a patrol together now, and Arancon is very grateful for the help he got. That’s good, I think they’ll be a great team and excellent at watching out for each other. I talked to him a little bit about his son, and what it was like when he was younger. He’s the only person here who has one (that I know of) so I feel like he has some insight. Even if their relationship isn’t very good right now. Arancon said it was great when they were younger, but that all changed when they moved into the city. That scares me, because one of my biggest fears is that one day things will change with Rylad. That he’ll be angry with me because I’m not his real father, or that he didn’t want me to be here, things like that. I know it sounds silly now, but it’s not that silly if you look at what happened to Aeramin and Arancon. He said to never move to the city. I don’t think it’s very likely to happen, both Nessna and I would rather live anywhere else but there. We have the house out here. But I guess if she really insisted, I would go with her. I’d have to. I could never just leave her like that. But hopefully it’s not something that I ever have to worry about. I do still worry about Rylad being upset about Vessen though. Nessna takes him to see Vessen’s family, but he’s too young to really understand right now. I’ll tell him that Vessen was really brave and went to fight to protect everyone, and he saved Rylad’s minn’da. I guess that’s all I can do. Hopefully he won’t ask about it for a while yet.



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