[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Letter

Linarelle gently brushed Snowflake the moth away from the corners of the paper. It seemed that she was trying to nibble on it, which normally she wouldn’t mind, but she doubted that Sunashe would want a half-eaten letter. Sorrowmoss had left with Orledin for her patrol, and wouldn’t be back until dawn. She wasn’t sure where Vellira had gone to, but no doubt somewhere with Tylenthis. He had early patrol, but she usually was able to persuade him to stay up just a little longer. Still, Linarelle wanted to finish her letter before Vellira got back. It was difficult enough trying to write it without her unique brand of help.

She’d found Sunashe’s letter tucked under her pillow the other night. It wasn’t flowery or full of promises — nor did it describe any of her body parts in strange metaphors. But she did think it was sweet, and honest. That was the thing she’d been searching for, but had yet to find. Still, what if things went badly? Then it would be awfully awkward around the ranger building, and neither of them would want to leave. Lin had really nowhere else to go, and she doubted that many other ranger units would have given Sunashe a chance. Nessna said that she should trust her own instinct, but also that it was impossible to know for certain beforehand. Sunashe was handsome, and it had been a very long time since she’d even kissed anyone, but Linarelle wondered if that was clouding her judgment.

Still, both Nessna and Vellira thought she should accept Sunashe’s invitation to go camping, as did Des at the school. While it wasn’t spelled out in the letter, Lin assumed that camping also meant sharing the same tent, and most likely sharing the same sleeping roll. That led to speculation whether or not the ghoul had chewed off anything more than Sunashe’s leg. Lin hadn’t been able to tell, because anytime they’d been close enough, he was wearing armor. Nessna assured her that he wouldn’t have any interest if he was lacking the key parts, however.

Vellira had suggested that Lin accept the boy’s offer and then just keep Sunashe on the side, but she was certain that neither would go for that. Gold wasn’t everything, but it could sure make things a lot easier. But she really couldn’t imagine what sort of life she could have with a pampered city mage. She and Sunashe had much more in common. But that was a long way off. Right now she needed to give him a reply.

Lin frowned as a drop of ink fell onto Snowflake’s head, and she gently nudged the moth away again. Hopefully it would wash out.

Dear Sunashe,

I’ve already spoken to the mages up at the school, they can make a portal for us to go to Outland whenever we both have a few days free. I suppose we’ll have to tell the Captain but I’m sure you can think of a good excuse.

I’m glad you like my ears. Yours are very nice too. I’d like to touch them again soon, and we won’t have to worry about any mages seeing.

~ Lin

She inspected the paper for moth footprints — there were a few, but she figured Sunashe wouldn’t mind, and she didn’t want to rewrite the whole thing over again. She folded it and put into an envelope. Ty and the others would be sure to snoop if she left it in his room, so she’d pass it to him at dinner time.



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